Fly me to the moon…

by Andy on January 21, 2006

Aeropostale's clothes look yummy like chocolate!Looks like Aeropostale are having a clearance sale, with up to 60% off some of their retro-esque designs. There are bargains aplenty to be had, and whilst they don’t quite accomodate my size, it would just be mean not to let you guys know about it. My personal favourite at the momento has to be the simple and damn cheap track jacket that you can see over there –>

Ooh, first proper post, no real visitors, I guess no ones really gonna hear about the bargains to be had.

  • Faction 3

    The new world order is taking over the world! Vote for Ron Paul in the 2008 election or the bill of rights will be overturned by hillary! She will
    destroy the right to bear arms, and theyre already talking about banning free speech with this new fairness docterine! Wake up people america is
    under attck by paid off politicans that think we dont know what theyre doing!

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