Rural Sunshine

by Andy on January 23, 2006

24-2Spraygraphic don’t have a huge range, but who would want a big pile of crap when they could have a far smaller amount of gold? (seriously, I don’t know where this wisdom comes from)
The designs they do are all a bit off centre, not just in the ideological sense, but also in the literal sense, if you look at the middle of most of their products, you’ll probably find yourself staring at empty cotton (or boobs, their models are top notch, congratulations Spray-people!). This is something I like, because it’s different, and gives a bit of variety to a wardrobe filled with designs that fit between nipples.

I’d say my favourite piece of theirs (that suits this blog, their tees look real nice) is this Urban Showers hoody. Even with such a large graphic on the back it doesn’t seem to be too busy, and yet it isn’t ‘the stealth hoody’.
It isn’t too cheap, with a costiness factor of $52, but consider what you’d pay for a designer label, which would have a worse design, justified.

Full disclosure, I did put an affiliate link at the start of this post (though I would’ve posted this anyway), the second link direct to the item is not an affiliate link. I’m gonna slip it in quietly again, hoping no one notices. coughAFFILIATE LINKcough.

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