Run Away

by Andy on January 27, 2006

Paul Frank HoodyNow, being British I’m lucky, I can post this item without needing to fear that I will ever be embroiled in any of the shady business practices that are associated with Urban Outfitters. According to the internet, they rip-off people’s designs, just ask Johnny Cupcakes

Anyway, let’s go beyond politics, I like this hoody from UO, the asymmetric lines give a little something different, and the runners say “hey, I’m a go getter.” Well, maybe they would if this was a personal development blog, but here they just say “hey, nice design.”

Costiness=$44.99 and they only ship to the U.S., Ca-na-da and Me-hico, so I won’t be able to enter that Seth Cohen lookalike competition, after-all. Seriously, what’s the deal with their range and models, research for their design team must be an O.C. box set and (polaroid) photo’s from a Death Cab for Cutie show.

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