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February 2006

Hot stuff

by Andy on February 28, 2006


This is one out of my personal collection (kidding), electric pink with a crazy cartoon van/bus on the side? Love it! If it were avaliable in a different colour (dark grey perhaps) and not just in size small, then I probably would enjoy finding it in my wardrobe.

Produced by Doko clothing (excellent website, if a bit sparse), straight out of Shoreditch, London. They don’t have an online store, but you can buy a wide-range of their goods from the urbanity store (link at the end of the post).

Costiness=£30 (down from £40) at the Urbanity Store.

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Stop being a Teees…

by Andy on February 27, 2006


And tell us what your favourite arm-hinding piece of clothing is!

In what is rapidly becoming a regular feature, I asked Nico from what his favourite piece of sleeved apparel is, and quick as a flash he replied with this:

This was a difficult desicion, but I have to say that I really love the “Electronic Performers” sweatshirt by Lite Streetwear. The design is a bit hip-hop, a little electro, very early 80’s street retro but still looks brand spanking new. There is no info on what make the sweater is, but it is said to be cut close to American Apparel.

He doesn’t actually own it yet, but it’s right at the top of his list. He’d better be quick though as its producers, lite streetwear, only make a maximum of 36 prints of each design.

It can be bought through those fine French folks at Dadawan, with a costiness factor of €39.00, and the direct link to the sweater in question can be found here.



by Andy on February 24, 2006


Darkroom is an independent clothing company from Don Pendleton who is apparently some kind of skateboard design legend… I have no clue who he is, because I have the balance of a drunk frat boy trying to do a handstand. So you know this is a case of clothes before reputation.

I guess you could called the image on the hoody a kind of mashup of ghosts and twisters (or is that tornadoes?), because in my mind, there’s no such thing as a ghost with straight angular edges like that. And the logo on the bottom right is a surprisingly nice touch, considering that it is a logo, I know some people can get quite touchy about promoting brands (no matter how indie) on their clothes.

Costiness=$60 from the refreshingly minimalist Umbrella Market. Hoody URL


Hiyar tastes good

by Andy on February 23, 2006

I’m thinking that Hiyar may well be my new TomKat-esque name for Hide Your Arms. So get used to it, though it may be dropped at any time (i.e. when I realise it’s silly).

I’ve set up a account for Hide Your Arms, and whenever I find something that I might use in the future I’m going to tag it to my account. This way you can get a sneak-peek into what you might see in the coming weeks, the stuff that didn’t quite make the cut, and a few non-clothes related links, since I’m not that cotton obsessed. If you don’t like my writing but you like my choices, then this could be a good option for you; seriously, I’m almost telling you not to visit the site!

Those of you clever enough to use RSS will be able to get my RSS feed to simplify the process even further.

Link: is (what predictable link-titling…)

P.S. whilst we’re talking social bookmarking thanks to the two people out there that added Hiyar to their list, all exposure is appreciated, and the same goes for Unled.


Back to Blighty, Baby!

by Andy on February 23, 2006


It always warms my heart to post about a UK based designer, so here we go.

Vilderness, is a company (label? collective? artist for the Mercado project? I dunno) whose entire collection revolves around animals, y’know, from the w-ilderness.

My pick of the day was close-run, I almost went with this similar piece, but in the end I decided that ducks were cooler. Hoorah for ducks!

And it’s for girls, again, I’m starting to neglect the guys now!

Costiness=£30 (and you get a free surprise 1″ pin badge) through UK stockist Stereohype


When in Rome

by Andy on February 22, 2006


What an un-original post title! Apologies for the lateness of todays post, I went out last night and didn’t fancy posting at 3:00AM, then I went out for lunch, but you guys don’t care about what I do with my days, you’re here for the sleeves, so on we go.

Shimone over at the excellent blog Jungle Life tipped me off on the excellent products that are on display at the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate, I may be one of the world’s worst snowboarders (I can only turn one way) but I do know that those board folks tend to make some fine apparel.

The hoodie I’ve picked today is actually for the ladies, but there’s plenty on show for the guys too. I really like the idea of adding a design or print to the hood, since you don’t see that very often, and there’s nothing wrong with being different.

I can’t give you a costiness report because they don’t have an online store, or any online affiliates by the looks of it, but they do have a wide range of stockists in real world stores (yeah, buying clothes offline in 2006, retro eh?).


Hood wearers easily pleased

by Andy on February 21, 2006

Now, I don’t know exactly what Jane was going for, but with that Jackass-esque intro you’d think she was about to set fire to herself then run into traffic. Nope. She just flips her hood off. Jane, were you even drunk?

btw, I was just trying to add some multimedia to the blog, which pretty much involved me going to youTube and searching for the hoody tag.


Fly high

by Andy on February 21, 2006

view1 10-35-25It may well look as if I’m just working my way through the same stores, but I’m only coming back to Naive because I didn’t want to forget about this particular hoody. And they’ve got a new line coming out in the spring (that looks real good btw) that will probably usurp currently available line-up.

It’s the dove hoody, which reminds us that we always have to pursue our dreams as they were given to us for a reason… philosophy lesson over. Great design, great price (costiness=$27), and a great company too.


What Hides the Teejunkie’s Arms?

by Andy on February 20, 2006

botwotThis is the first of what I hope will become a regular feature where I ask respected members of the blogosphere, designers, my friends, and anyone who e-mails what their favourite hoody or piece of arm hiding apparel is.

The first person to be kind enough to get involved was the teejunkie from I’ve been a fan of his blog for a long time, so it’s great that he’s taken some time out during the re-modelling of his site to let us know what take pride of place in his wardrobe…

the winner is… my “Wot?!” hoody. It’s got all the goods. Excellent hand drawn artwork that is very well reproduced. It’s by Bucket’o’Thought – and it’s as soft as a bucket of titties. Probably the softest I’ve ever had, even after maybe a dozen washes. (purchase it though Nice Produce – )

Soft as a bucket of titties! Well how could I not want to buy it? I like his choice too, it’s hand-drawn, yet the artist has drawn it as if it was through a fisheye lens, awesome.

Costiness=$120 (don’t worry, that’s Australian dollars), £50 to us Brits, which is roughly $90 USD. Clearly there’s more money in blogging tee’s than hoodies!


Sorry hoody hunters…

by Andy on February 17, 2006

I’m feeling ill today (touch of the glandular fever methinks, that’s mono to you Americans), and I don’t feel like trawling the net for a hoody right now.

I’ll try and post something over the weekend to try and get things back on track, but hopefully normal service will be resumed on Monday.

Just so that your trip here today wasn’t a total bust, check out this video mashup that VH1 did using the Oprah interviews James Frey and Tom Cruise.


I’ll be blunt

by Andy on February 16, 2006

1328021BLKzoom1I’m sure posting an item by a big-name designer is kinda counter-productive for the blog’s ideology, but I call ‘em like I see ‘em, so todays designer is… Paul Frank.

Name checked by Kaitlin ‘is definitely 14‘ & Marissa ‘how much more crap could happen in her life’ Cooper in the O.C. a couple of weeks back, he’s probably now experiencing a Death Cab-esque indie backlash (whilst sitting in a hot tub full of money), but I don’t really mind, because that hoody over there looks good.

I may be a strat kind of a guy, but I’d allow myself to wear a bass, it has that really simple hand-drawn style to it, kind of like wearing an idea rather than a product.

Costiness= $58 from Karmaloop, use the voucher code ICE to get free shipping in the U.S. ($5 off shipping for international orders). $58 ain’t that bad, I dunno what Kaitlin was on about saying they couldn’t afford it, they’ll be living with Dr Roberts in a couple of weeks anyway!

*EDIT* more money-saving goodness, get a $10 gift voucher for joining their mailing-list.


Dog Food

by Andy on February 15, 2006 pupcakesI think it’s safe to assume that you understand that I’m not saying that the good people at make clothes that are the equivalent of dog food (when compared to fillet steak, for example). They actually make some really nice looking stuff, admittedly it’s mostly for the ladies, but I though I should embrace all this equality stuff and try and tell girls what they’d look good in.

And you would look good in…. pupcakes! That’s right, pupcakes. Click on either of those links to go to the product page and look at the other picture of the cutesy prints on the back, which as the name of the item suggests is kind of a cupcake dog hybrid, there’s also a conadle in the dogs head, which is weird and yet almost magically still cute.

Costiness= $52

Apols for the lateness of todays post, I went out last night and didn’t wake up till rather late…


brrr_sweat_14No Star clothing have a pretty cool motto “make time for fun”. It’s important to make fun a number one priority sometimes, you can’t work all the time (I sure don’t). Every so often you’ve just got to kick back and relax with buds who have Buds. (Andrew Bowness, keeping your arms warm and your head happy)

You know what else is fun? No Star’s polar bear hoody, it says “Brrrrrr” so you don’t have to. There’s no Andy size (it goes M-L) though so this one won’t be making its way to my closet, shame.

Costiness= $32 (down from $48), and you can save 10% on your first order by joining their mailing list.


Some kind of monster

by Andy on February 13, 2006

m_s_monster_invasion_lrgYay, another British shop to promote! Lazy Oaf have one of the oddest web-designs that I’ve seen for a long time, it’s like a site made by hand rather than computer, but luckily it just makes me like the brand more; even if their models do look a bit depressing, big, hand drawn balding guys with bad comb overs, it’s like me looking into the mirror in 40 years (apologies to the Lazy Oaf if it’s a self-portrait).

The invading monster sweatshirt really stood out to me as one of their best items, which earns it the coveted HYA picture spot.

Costiness=£45 (including p&p if you’re in the UK),


I look unique

by Andy on February 10, 2006

INDVSL_menskullsasphalthoodyI don’t know when this turned into the blog that only recommended Merchline powered stores, but they do seem to serve some good shops with them, so there’s no need for me to apologise (though it would be nice if Merchline sent me an envelope stuffed with cash, wink).

INDVSL (Indivisual Clothing), first came to my attention on Cool Hunting, but I never really looked into them till recently. I’m rapidly running out of adjectives for how good the design of the stuff I’m finding is, so let’s keep it simple, INDVSL design things good. My pick of the bunch is their Skullsalot hoody, black on asphalt is obviously pretty subtle, but the little orange accents (the INDVSL logo) that can be seen on the picture give it some highlights, it kind of has that Hugo Boss orange line look. It also comes fitted for the ladies’ out there.


*Have a good weekend everyone, I’m heading to the countryside*

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Up, Up, and Away

by Andy on February 9, 2006

ASCNDAP_trackjacket_grey I don’t really know anything about Ascend Apparel except they clearly have the same thrist for design that I do, and we’re both trying to quench that bad boy (bad boy=the thrist). Also, their clothes actually have proper models for them, which sure does make the blog a whole lot more attractive.

I’ve picked out a pretty simple track jacket, perhaps the first on HYA which is a logo jacket (though it isn’t the actual Ascend logo). The white piping gives it a bit of detail to set it out a bit from most other simple options online. Check out the rest of their store for some tees that are screenprinted with some arguably more interesting images.



I trust ‘em

by Andy on February 8, 2006

NAIVCL_mapjogggerNaive clothing have some pretty schweetl looking gear in their store (run by the pretty looking Merchline), their style is kind of like art on t-shirts, I’m definitely bookmarking them for future reference.

Their selection of hoodies isn’t wide, but like most stores I feature the quality makes up for it, I’ve picked out this ‘Map’ jogger, with it’s bigger-than-average print and the way the map just casually slides across the zip in the middle, you know you’re getting something a little bit different, and that’s why you’re here right?

Costiness=$30 and it’s only available in XL, take that you thin losers!


Calm down

by Andy on February 7, 2006

strhess hemorrageFeels like a fair old while since I raved about a track-jacket, so let’s get back on track, you don’t want a hood all the time, right?

Strhess clothing, run by a guy called Derek Hess (who appears to be rather a busy man, a tour and a fest? The UK tour happened to swing by my city last month but I missed it), has some rather nice items for sale at their store. I did find many of the same items on sale at another webstore for almost 50% than the prices at the official Strhess store, so if you ever see anything of theirs on sale at another site, check if it’s in stock at their store, hopefully you’ll get the best deal that way.

Anywho, onto my pick of the bunch, I like the hemorrhage line of hoodies, it’s in keeping with Derek’s artistic style, no soft shapes here, there’s a certain amount of energy that can be found in his sketch like designs, it certainly does make for an interesting print when it’s on clothing rather than paper. The trail of blood kicks-ass too…

It comes in three different colours (a white zip-up, dare I?), sizes up to 2XL, and costiness=$40.

This is probably the first time I’ve ever written about something from Cleveland (Sthress HQ), but it’s not a prejudice thing, I used to enjoy the Drew Carey show, and Halle Berry can shake her wobbly bits at me anytime.


Insipid, dismissive, Mississippi…

by Andy on February 6, 2006

invicid hoodyAll words that kind of sound like Invicid, but may or may not mean similar things (I’m not a dictionarian). I first found this hoody at, but it makes a lot of sense for me to be all investigative journalist and find the source.

They seem to do some real nice stuff (all printed on American Apparel as well, you know what you’re getting), it’s limited edition (runs of 100), and I get the feeling that’s because they have artistic integrity rather than not enough popularity to sell more than 100. I’m really impressed with their range, I think HYA might be making another visit to their store rather soon (much life The Quiet Life yesterday).
Which is why it’s probably a bit silly for me to be promoting this ‘Supernova’ hoody that they only have a few of left, and in just the one size, XL (huzzah!), although they still claim to have the L at

Costiness=$32, post-Christmas sale, snap it up while you can (I might even get this one myself).


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