Insipid, dismissive, Mississippi…

by Andy on February 6, 2006

invicid hoodyAll words that kind of sound like Invicid, but may or may not mean similar things (I’m not a dictionarian). I first found this hoody at, but it makes a lot of sense for me to be all investigative journalist and find the source.

They seem to do some real nice stuff (all printed on American Apparel as well, you know what you’re getting), it’s limited edition (runs of 100), and I get the feeling that’s because they have artistic integrity rather than not enough popularity to sell more than 100. I’m really impressed with their range, I think HYA might be making another visit to their store rather soon (much life The Quiet Life yesterday).
Which is why it’s probably a bit silly for me to be promoting this ‘Supernova’ hoody that they only have a few of left, and in just the one size, XL (huzzah!), although they still claim to have the L at

Costiness=$32, post-Christmas sale, snap it up while you can (I might even get this one myself).

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