Calm down

by Andy on February 7, 2006

strhess hemorrageFeels like a fair old while since I raved about a track-jacket, so let’s get back on track, you don’t want a hood all the time, right?

Strhess clothing, run by a guy called Derek Hess (who appears to be rather a busy man, a tour and a fest? The UK tour happened to swing by my city last month but I missed it), has some rather nice items for sale at their store. I did find many of the same items on sale at another webstore for almost 50% than the prices at the official Strhess store, so if you ever see anything of theirs on sale at another site, check if it’s in stock at their store, hopefully you’ll get the best deal that way.

Anywho, onto my pick of the bunch, I like the hemorrhage line of hoodies, it’s in keeping with Derek’s artistic style, no soft shapes here, there’s a certain amount of energy that can be found in his sketch like designs, it certainly does make for an interesting print when it’s on clothing rather than paper. The trail of blood kicks-ass too…

It comes in three different colours (a white zip-up, dare I?), sizes up to 2XL, and costiness=$40.

This is probably the first time I’ve ever written about something from Cleveland (Sthress HQ), but it’s not a prejudice thing, I used to enjoy the Drew Carey show, and Halle Berry can shake her wobbly bits at me anytime.

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