Hiyar tastes good

by Andy on February 23, 2006

I’m thinking that Hiyar may well be my new TomKat-esque name for Hide Your Arms. So get used to it, though it may be dropped at any time (i.e. when I realise it’s silly).

I’ve set up a del.icio.us account for Hide Your Arms, and whenever I find something that I might use in the future I’m going to tag it to my account. This way you can get a sneak-peek into what you might see in the coming weeks, the stuff that didn’t quite make the cut, and a few non-clothes related links, since I’m not that cotton obsessed. If you don’t like my writing but you like my choices, then this could be a good option for you; seriously, I’m almost telling you not to visit the site!

Those of you clever enough to use RSS will be able to get my del.icio.us RSS feed to simplify the process even further.

Link: HideYourArms.com is del.icio.us (what predictable link-titling…)

P.S. whilst we’re talking social bookmarking thanks to the two people out there that added Hiyar to their list, all exposure is appreciated, and the same goes for Unled.

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