Why hello my dear

by Andy on March 7, 2006


Today’s item is very much out of the ordinary, and I applaud that whole-heartedly, I’m not going to post something just because it’s different, but there is something unique about this piece so I feel it deserves an airing on my corner of webspace.

Cardboard Robot has been rather bold and added fur to a hoody, not a jacket, it looks like a regular cotton zip-up hoody but then they go an confuse me by adding fur (faux, probably, hopefully?).

The design on the front is is realy nice too, spanning quite a lot of the front but still being quite understated.

I’ve just noticed something esle, is that a rifle bullet on the zipper, if it is then golly-gosh, that’s an excellent item of clothing. Also, it’s for girls, see, I’m trying to get the balance back.

Costiness=$108 (innovation costs), URL here.

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