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April 2006

One day… we’ll all be robots

by Andy on April 28, 2006


I like Karmaloop, its like a Gap for indie people, whilst the stuff they sell isn’t quite as individual as I usually run here, you’re still pretty much guaranteed to buy something that’s cool…

… like this robot hoodie by Ames Bros, with a design that invokes images of 1950s wind-up toys and sci-fi movies from times when ‘we’ had never been into space.

It pains me to say it, but I think that this design would actually be better if it was a bit faded, and I do not like the idea of fake-vintage, but sometimes it just looks better. Oh, and there’s a cool little Ames Bros logo on the side of the hood.

Costiness=$36 from Karmaloop.

*I’M TOO GOOD YOU/LAMEST COMPETITION EVER* I have a $10 coupon for anything at Karmaloop that I’m not going to use before it becomes invalid (within the next couple of months), so I will give it to whoever e-mails me. Try and make the e-mail cool though, maybe a hoodie tip, a picture, or just tell me I’m awesome.

Have a good weekend everyone, I know I will, I’m heading to Manchester for the Give It A Name Festival to sit in an arena full of emo-scene kids.


What are the chances

by Andy on April 27, 2006


Cat and Girl is the only web-comic that I read, but like many of its bretheren I actually prefer the merchandise to the comic. That’s nothing against the quality of the writing, I just think they’ve got some fun designs in the store.

This hoodie is another good example of this, its well designed, and actually quite funny, and I’m usually quite wary of any clothing that is meant to be funny.

Costiness=$42 (guys) $39 (gals), shipping $4 US + CAN, $9 International, available here.


And what Fall Out! (oh, Boy…)

by Andy on April 26, 2006

I was watching the TRL Awards 2006 on MTV today (don’t judge me) and noticed Pete Wentz, the bassist of Fall Out Boy was wearing a hoodie that I thought was pretty cool and set myself the challenge of finding it online. It took me a minute, such is the obsessive devotion of the Fall Out fans, and some Wikipedia research then revealed that he was wearing his own produce, since I was unaware the pop-punk entrepeneur owned Clandestine Industries.

I’m not often a big fan of plain text on a hoodie, being more of a design fan, but there is a fantastic simpleness to it. The front “love can’t save you”, the back “only my new powers can”, its kind of a emo/scene/humour hoodie, and the colour combo is pretty nice, brown with a pink lining, I’d like to see more companies having coloured linings, though perhaps not pink, I’m not that open-minded.

Costiness=$59.95 on American Apparel, here.

*Picture explanation* MTV’s website looks real nice, until you want to save the pictures, so I did a screengrab, pretty dirty method, but I couldn’t find another way to do it.

*MORE INFO* Joshua from says the text is a quote from Star Wars Episode III, which I haven’t seen, so I guess I’m less of a nerd than I thought I was.

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Damned Women!

by Andy on April 25, 2006


This girls hoodie comes from femme-only outift Damned Dollies and to be completely honest I could have picked any of the designs from the hoodie section, because they all share a similar style and have a gritty kind of depressing/gothic look to them.

They’re all printed on American Apparel and have a small print on the front in the heart area, and a large print on the back. Oh, and you have the choice of red, black or pink on every hoodie.

Costiness=$48, more pictures (including a girl who seems to really like the hoodie) and info here.


It’s all very nice

by Andy on April 24, 2006


It’s not every day that you see someone taking the time to have a stitched design rather than regular screenprinting. That’s why this track jacket from Double D Apparel caught my eye (and yes, the name is about boobs), its pretty simple, with a vertical design, but that would serve to frame the body, and whatever you were wearing underneath.

Oh, and everything Double D produce comes ‘supersized’, which is great for us big guys, but the skinny hipsters (I know you’re out there!) should bear that in mind if considering a purchase.

Costiness=$100 Australian, which is about $75 USD, from Nice Produce.


Tree of knowledge

by Andy on April 21, 2006


This long-sleeve tee designed by Geoff McFetridge feels like a bit of a Threadless style design to me, and whilst I can’t quite make out the design completely, it looks like lots of words forming a tree, ipso facto, tree of knowledge.

It is also available in green with a white print, for those of you that have an aversion to white clothing (hey, some people do).

Costiness=$48 available from 2kshirts.


The kind folks over at Mexico/California style-mahup design company Beezo hooked me up with a quite mesmerising tee this week. I simply can’t stop looking at it, which probably says more about my love-life than I’d want it to (but who’s loving the paparazzi-esque shot up there^^ eh?).

The shirt they sent me isn’t available to you ‘normies’ yet but they do sell a version with a black print instead of the hypnotic red if you can’t wait to get your mits on it. ‘Bedroom Eyes X’ is a pretty simple design, but it really has a decent effect, if there was anything more too it then it would detract from the simplicity, the fact that there isn’t a message gives it a certain mystique. It is what it is. But what interests me is who it is, I’m presuming a celebrity and those lips suggest Angelina, but the eyes make me think J-to the-Lo, not that it really matters.

The shirt (and everything at their store) is $20 for both ‘hombres’ and is printed on Fruit of the Loom’s Best range, its not quite as soft as American Apparel, but I personally believe that FotL are a longer lasting product than AA, since I’ve got FotL tees that have kept their shape for years.

Costiness=$20 black version available here.

UPDATE: I’ve just dug through my e-mails and found the secret link to the Bedroom Eyes X version, it has an order link so I presume I’m allowed to post it, enjoy!

A couple of pictures after the jump, just in case you’d forgotten what my bathroom looks like.
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Calling all Cohens

by Andy on April 19, 2006


Strange as it might be to the mainstream, Adam Brody/Seth Cohen is a style icon for the Postal Service generation (seriously, how much am I annoying the indie kids right now?). I saw today’s recommendation and was immediately reminded of the awkward-pasty-pot smoker, who inexplicably wears sweaters in Orange County, where I would presume its usually kinda warm.

I may mock my own choice of clothing for the day, but I do actually quite like it, the colours compliment each other nicely, and the design has a cowboy obsessed Grandma feel to it. And it’s managed to survive from the 1970s in ‘very good condition’, whereas those vintage-look items on the high-street probably won’t last two years. Obviously, there is only one of these available, so if you want it buy it, not that I’m saying that HYA commands buying frenzies amongst its readership.

Costiness=$50 available from Rusty Zipper.


Now, I ain’t no hippy…

by Andy on April 18, 2006


… but I have no problem with trying to save the planet and being environmentally friendly, after all, we’ve already sorted out sweatshop conditions by using American Apparel, so I guess the planet is next on the list for clothes designers. Hemp clothing does save the planet right?

It’s a pity that there aren’t more pictures of this hoodie from Hempest because it looks really interestingly designed, with asymmetric panel-stitching, and I can’t work out what the silk screening is on the tan coloured patch, but I still like it. I’ll let Hempest describe it themselves.

New Nibus hoody for men! Complete with hemp ripstop panel detail, with rubber application. Zipper opening, classic mesh lining inside. Silk screen “nibus” detail on lower back. Fitted for comfort. 55% Hemp, 45% cotton. Sizes L-XXL.

Costiness=$68.00 hoodie to be found here.


The Paper Rollercoaster

by Andy on April 16, 2006


Despite never having been to Coney Island (my 2004 NY trip wasn’t quite long enough to take it in) I do like the way that it finds the infamous rollercoaster has found its way onto lots of apparel.

Paper-doll clothing
seems to be a great site for girls’ who feel that they just don’t get enough selection at male-dominated webstores. The Coney Island Cyclone Rollercoaster ‘batwing top’ that I’ve chosen is pretty cool, kinda understated, with lower-left positioning. It has that classic feel with independent clothing that people who know, know, you know?

Costiness=$55 Canadian Dollars, available here.


Take a different look

by Andy on April 13, 2006


Rob Cockerham is one of those guys that answers the great questions in life, its like he never left college, who else would ask ‘How much gold is there in Goldschlager?’ (not that much I’m afraid)

I’ve been a fan of his site for many years (yeah, before he was on MTV2 with the Foo Fighters… I’m old skool) and only realised yesterday that he sells merchandise.

I really like the design, which some of you may recognise as the incredible spring shoes which didn’t actually aid the jumping process, but hey, they make a good looking design, so I’m happy.

Costiness=$28 from here.


Not a t-shirt blog: Hope For Humanity

by Andy on April 13, 2006

Chuck from Hope For Humanity Clothing e-mailed me today about their new line. Being a polite young man I agreed to drop a post about them, my personal favourite is the ‘Universe’ tee.

And if you were wondering about the name, its just a name, no political or religious motivation behined it, they just want to save the world one t-shirt at a time.


Total Sausage Fest

by Andy on April 12, 2006


I stumbled upon the Handsome Sausage a couple of days ago, and they’ve got some great designs available.

I recommend the sawboy design ($45 Paypal) which I would best describe as a mexican cowboy riding a giant jigsaw cutter, or maybe its a tiny man, its hard to know. The print runs right across the back, because they’ve included the power cord, mmmm, reality.

It comes in a few colours as either a hoody or a track jacket, and if you e-mail the Handsome Sausage they’ll customise items to your hearts content.

*Thanks to Rafael (the handsome=-est of sausages) for sorting out a picture*

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Snorting 5g of ground Nike Air Max

by Andy on April 11, 2006


I don’t really understand the whole vintage/classic sneaker collecting thing, but hey, lots of hipsters seem to be into it, so it must be cool, right?

Boub from Lite Streetwear dropped me an e-mail to tell me about the new line they’ve just made available, and to ask how I was, which was nice. I presume that most of you read more than one apparel blog, so you probably already knew about the new line from Indoneasia’s premier clothing company (any Indonesian’s willing to challenge that claim?), but I thought I’d give my personal recommendation anywho.

Even though I don’t get the whole sneaker thing I still really love this long-sleeve tee, the font is just brilliant, handwriting is always welcome in my book, and the image feels like they did a sketch to capture the moment of inspiration and stuck with it.

Costiness=$15 USD or $150000 in Indonesian Dollars. URL here.


Brooklyn Industries takes HYA to the fair

by Andy on April 11, 2006

Brooklyn Industries may have only been featured yesterday, but they hooked me up with the Cyclone tee from their new line of Coney Island inspired designs which arrived today and I wanted to review it as soon as I could. Which meant that once again I got to pretend to be a model (because all models take pictures of themselves in the bathroom).The shirt is real nice, I don’t know what they print onto but its good and soft. The design is interesting, a mix of detail (the coaster) and simple rounded shapes (the sea?). Also, I’ve never owned an ‘eggplant’ coloured shirt, I usually stick to the regular ‘man’ colours (black, blue, red, grey, blue), but I really like this.

One great little detail is actually on the back, and I love printing on the back! It’s a ticket to/for Coney Island (I never made it there when I visited NY so I don’t know how that works), which is a really good idea for the new line.

If you want a 10% discount on your order you can use the coupon code “skyline06″, as was mentioned by Shimone yesterday.

Costiness=$28, URL here, and their stores throughout the New York area.

Thanks again to Allison at BI for getting me involved with promoting the new line, they’ve been featured in a lot of really impressive publications (Newsweek > HYA) so its nice to be thought of.

There’s a fair few pictures after the jump, including that ticket detail.
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Cool breeds cool

by Andy on April 9, 2006


Shimone from San Francisco-centric blog Jungle Life has been good to Hide Your Arms. Shimone has already sent 2 leads my way, so it was high time for me to ask “what hides your arms?”

I picked up the Verse Rhyme hoodie in Dijon from Brooklyn Industries. I was nervous about the bold colors at first but when it arrived I saw they were muted to more natural tones for an effective dose of casual. The pictures on the site don’t really do it justice so I’ll fill you in on some additional details.

The interior of the hoodie is completely lined with fleece making it incredibly soft to the touch. The zipper handle spells out the word “Brooklyn” (this you can see from the zoom image on the site) and when zipped all the way up rests cleverly at the neck. The construction is magnificent from top to bottom – everything is made to last – and the sizing is spot on. Because of the colors used it goes with just about everything – making a flashy statement with jeans or a subtle statement under a coat.

Furthermore, it’s available for both men and women. Men in Dijon and Grey, Women in Grey and Eggplant. If you’re looking to go bold I’d go with the Dijon for men and Grey for women or tone it tone with the Grey for men and Eggplant for women.

Brooklyn Industries has quickly become one of my favorite labels for their frequent sales, affordable prices, great use of color, fresh designs, attention to detail, and quality construction.

The Verse Rhyme Hoodie is on sale right now for $48 (men) and $44 (women) and can be purchased for an additional 10% off using the coupon code “Skyline06″.

Brooklyn Industries actually released a new line of clothing on Sunday (yesterday) inspired by Coney Island to coincide with the opening of the park for the season. Look out for another review of Brooklyn Industries in the near future, though I may struggle to better Shimone’s excellent review!


Still selling out, still helping out

by Andy on April 8, 2006

Okay, so no one’s jumping at the opportunity to advertise, so I’ve made it less of a commitment, I’ve dropped the mininum spend down to $1, yeah, that’s right $1. For that minimum spend you’d get a little under two days worth of traffic, and I’d get really excited that my writing is worth a dollar, its win win for everyone (but mostly me)!

Just so your visit wasn’t a total bust, check out the new krudmart site.

Also, Britain’s The Sun newspaper has declared a series of face-covering hoodies as ‘sick’. The French retailer they mention that sells them is Dadawan, and apparently its only a matter of time before they’re available in Britain, I presume that people at The Sun have forgotten that companies have the ability to send orders overseas. I actually saw these hoodies a couple of months ago, I was going to run them because of the sheer innovation, but didn’t bother in the end. I had considered what the anti-hoodie mob in the UK would think of them if they got into their radar, I guess I should have told them months ago, my first step on the journalistic ladder…

Have a good weekend everybody.


I love apples

by Andy on April 7, 2006


I don’t know if Zoo York is too mainstream for the blog, but it’s late here (I’m writing in bed right now), and my internet is being really patchy so I can’t open some sites to find new stuff.

It’s quite a cute girls hoodie really, 3/4 length sleeves, red inside the hood (nice spalsh of colour), and my favourite detail of the heart pretending to be an apple, or an apple pretending to be a heart, either way it’s just another example of scientists playing God.

Costiness=$48 URL here.


Tanks For the Memories

by Andy on April 6, 2006


I was just checking out El Mercado today, and I saw this cool top by Tank Theory.

It looks like pretty thin material, so it would probably suit going over a tee for those times when it’s not that cold, but a bit too hot to be wearing a full on sweater.

The face on the shoulder is screen printed on and looks fairly anguished, but still very interesting, and you could say clever stuff at parties like “yeah, I’ve always been a shoulder to cry on!” But pick your moment because you can only use a line like that once.

Costiness=$30 (people like me rejoice, they’ve sold out of most of the smaller sizes) URL for the el Mercado page here.


Sucking on the teet of capitalism

by Andy on April 5, 2006

Eagle-eyed readers may well have noticed the little black blue and white box on the sidebar offering to put your ad in it. Despite what you may think this is actually a good thing (yes, this is a suspension of belief moment), I’ve removed the ad from that spot, and replaced it with the adBrite service. This way I can decide what advertisers get to be featured on the site (if the adBrite box does well I’ll get rid of the AdSense) meaning that they will be selling products that are more suited to the audience, so it really is a good thing. Really.

I don’t really know what kind of rates that are average, so I’ve set it at $5 for 2,000 impressions, does that sound about right? If I’m way off could someone with greater knowledge than me leave a comment.


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