Little Paper Planes Diving into American Fjords

by Andy on April 2, 2006


Kelly Lynn from online clothing store Little Paper Planes was asked “what hides your arms?” this week and she put in some thought (she even apologised for making me wait on her choice, so polite), and e-mailed me the following:

this company emailed me awhile ago to sell on my site which should be happening soon. I love all of their designs because they are all simple line drawings. They remind of children’s books especially the one I am featuring. It shows a little story without it being so narrative that you would not want to wear it. I also think they have a great sense of color since all their shirts have amazing combinations…yup..i like it.

They have a load of great tees for guys (this is still a sleeved blog, btw, whatever tomorrow’s post might make you think), so check them out.

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