Sucking on the teet of capitalism

by Andy on April 5, 2006

Eagle-eyed readers may well have noticed the little black blue and white box on the sidebar offering to put your ad in it. Despite what you may think this is actually a good thing (yes, this is a suspension of belief moment), I’ve removed the ad from that spot, and replaced it with the adBrite service. This way I can decide what advertisers get to be featured on the site (if the adBrite box does well I’ll get rid of the AdSense) meaning that they will be selling products that are more suited to the audience, so it really is a good thing. Really.

I don’t really know what kind of rates that are average, so I’ve set it at $5 for 2,000 impressions, does that sound about right? If I’m way off could someone with greater knowledge than me leave a comment.

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