Naive Clothing Spring/Summer Line 2006

by Andy on May 1, 2006

It feels as if not a month goes by without me mentioning the good work that is being done at Naive Clothing, but after my Star-Wars-nerd blushes were spared by Josh last week over that Pete Wentz hoodie I figure I owe them one more post.

Something I like about Naive is that everything has a point, the products have a backstory, they have a manifesto/mission statement that they actually actually believe in, and they don’t want to get rich… and they’re literally putting their moeny where their mouth is on that one, by supporting six organisations with their Our Profit for their Profit programme.

There’s a lot of great stuff in their super-fresh Spring/Summer line, lots and lots of new tees, with some great designs in there. If I hadn’t banned myself from buying tees (one of my few addictions) then I’d have quite the shopping basket. But HYA is about the sleeves, so let’s get back on track.

There are 2 new sleeved products available (1 hoodie and 1 track jacket) in the Spring/Summer line, on the left is ‘Extension of Grasp‘ ($33), and has a great red/white contrast. The hoodie on the right, called ‘Outlet‘ ($30), may seem a bit familiar to fans of the O.C., but I guess that any hoodie with an electrical outlet on it will be compared to the Option-G take on the plug-socket, and I prefer Naive’s anyway.

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