Cuckoo clocks, fantastic chocolate…

by Andy on May 4, 2006


… and apparently the Swiss are also quite adept at designing cool clothes, if the selection available at plus41 is anything to go by.

We also may well have found someone that ties with me as hottest product model in the history of HYA. Yeah, your right, she ain’t got nuffin on me.

This hoodie (that doesn’t seem to have a traditional hood) is actually more clever than I orginally gave it credit, I thought it was just a selection of geometric blocks, kinda like tetris with angles. But upon closer inspection I can see a bear, a dog, a bird, and a Swiss cross, there’s probably a load more that I haven’t seen too. Oh, and the print begins (or ends) in one of the kangaroo pouches, super nice.

Costiness=€75, from here.

*Just noticed that the design is called Tangram Animals, guess the bear shouldn’t have been much of a surprise afterall.*

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