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by Andy on May 23, 2006

I often feel then when I’m writing this blog I just say whats great about a product, and that’s usually because I like things because they’re just generally awesome, and whilst I do like today’s choice, I do have a couple of gripes with it.

1. I like the design, but it just feels a bit poorly executed, the squaring off of the print in the top corner just feels as if this was printed in the mid-90s (did I just make a ‘that is so last year’-esque comment, wow, I really am a fashion writer!). If you’re going to have lines that go out like clouds, finish off the design like a cloud, it adds so much value to a design when we see the whole thing rather than a framed off portion.

2. The zip. I’m sure I could say this about a lot of zip-up hoodies, but the colour of the zip is important, in this case it splits the design far too much, if it was a subtle black then the continuation of the print would be much more effective.

Still, I do like it, and I like how Soul Life have given a back story about the artist, it makes me feel more indie.

Costiness=£35 (down from £59.50) and is only available in XL.

  • Nico

    I love the design itself, but I have to go along with your pickery about the boxing of the design and it would probably look much better with a black plastic zipper. I do however like the consept of split designs on zipper hoodies, though.

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