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by Andy on May 24, 2006

The Cotton Filter is a new feature to HYA. My brother said to me a while back that I was starting to lose focus on the sleeves, and he makes a fair point, so I’m going to put out the Cotton Filter to keep you updated on cool new shops, Hide Your Arms news (little tweaks that don’t warrant an admin bulletin), re-stocks, regurgitated MySpace bulletins from the clothes labels on my friends list, sales and coupon codes. And before you say it (and probably a bit after you’ve thought it) this does seem remarkably similar to Hang Tags, doesn’t it?

Ok, I posted this and now I’ve noticed how long it is, so it’s gonna have to sit behind a jump

HYA news: No more ugly Google Ads! They were earning a little bit of money, but they weren’t relevant (damn those keywords) and most of the stores that were being advertised kinda sucked. But I’m still a bit of a capitalist at heart, so we now have affiliate links to stores which don’t sell crap (and yes, I know, Busted Tees only do ‘funny’ tees that often aren’t that funny, but this tee is totally aweso). Also, after Valleywag scolded the entire internet I’ve decided to heed their advice and drop most of the social bookmarking icons, leaving the two i believe are most popular (digg and, if you want the others back, ask and ye shall receive.

No Star Clothing: No Star put out a MySpace bulletin with a code giving you 30% off everything in their store, as they’re trying to get rid of stock before the brand-spanking-new site goes live (by the weekend they hope. Code = MSPACE30 Adicteed wrote about these guys (who have the most ridiculous about video) a couple of days ago, and I thought I’d spread the love a bit more, they’ve got some great designs, though the dashiki is a bit out of place in the range (but seriously, at what point does a dashiki fit into a tee range?).

Full Bleed: A load of their tees were running low on stock, but they’re getting fresh batches in over the course of the next couple of weeks. Once again, Full Bleed is not a clothing company.

No Media Kings: I know that printing up your own hoodies might seem like a risky venture, but it can’t hurt to be creative, and we’ve all been sat in a bar going “dude, we should totally put that on t-shirt” (only to forget the idea the next day). But the screenprinting tutorial over at No Media Kings is one of the best I’ve read, and whilst I’ve never tried printing myself, it does look like it might be fun.

Kozyndan: Even though I see 00’s of tees on the net every week, I think that the bunny with headphones that I first saw about 18 months ago may well be the best t-shirt I don’t own (if only it were baby blue for boys too).

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