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June 2006

Bienvenue a St Tropez

by Andy on June 29, 2006

I feel like everything on HYA has been a bit disjointed for the past month or so, what with the week of downtime, then switching to a new host, so its pretty unfortunate that just as I’m back into the rhythm of blogging I’m going to go on holiday.

As the title suggests I’m heading to the South of France and I’ll be gone until next Saturday and don’t expect to go near a computer (I may well suffer from internet withdrawal), so the next post will be on July 10th, unless I’m really hungover from celebrating England winning the World Cup the day before. The second half of that sentence may well end up looking stupid, lets hope not.

So check the links for other tee and clothes sites, and if you feel like helping to fund my mission to impress French girls by pretending to be astoundingly rich then there’s plenty of affiliate links on the links page too!


My boardwalk babe

by Andy on June 29, 2006


One for the ladies today, from the deliciously classy Anthropologie. Obviously it doesn’t have any of the usual screen printing that I usually wax lyrical about, but there is clearly some nice innovation in the design of this hoodie, so it deserves me saying “hey, look at that, that’s something different”. And it is, unless you count this as being kinda the same.

Its kinda weird for me to talk about girls clothes, but I’ll give it an awkard shot anyway. The ribbon bow is pretty cute, but I;m not too sure about the height of the waist-band, it seems like it would only suit a waif-like female form, though their sizes go up to XL so perhaps not.

Costiness=$78.00 URL


I thought I had the key

by Andy on June 27, 2006

Hmmmm, two hot girls in my promo pics for the Monday and Tuesday posts, eh? Looks like I’m really getting desperate for hits! I’m just kidding, I guess clothing companies are just using attractive people to advertise their products, revolutionary…

Oh, and there isn’t a heart theme this week either, I just thought that this hoodie looked really cool, I liked the grouping and placement of the hearts, and the key-hole shapes really topped it off for me, I was almost in emo-ecstasy. I don’t know if there’s anything on the front, but I’d guess not since there isn’t a second pic of the front on the product page.

Costiness=$29.99 (down from $65.99) URL


Do Robots Dream of Electric Love?

by Andy on June 26, 2006

Backseat Kiss Clothing‘ may well be as good of a name for a clothing company as ‘Cute Is What We Aim For‘ is for a band, but I’m sure there’s a self-referential meaning behind it which makes my mockery merely mean, so I’ll just get right onto the hood.

So… its a heart, on a robot, placed on a heart, nice and simple with some decent solid lines, though I don’t know if I would personally wear pink on black, I’ve only just become accustomed to wearing the luminous pink ink from the Handsome Sausage.

The hoodie is printed on American Apparel stock and is available for both guys and girls. Sizing is a bit limited though, with S, M & L for the ladies and M + L for the dudes.

Costiness=$39 URL


The 3 second memory is a myth!

by Andy on June 24, 2006

I don’t want to sound as if it’s a chore for me to do this post, but the clock has just passed 2AM, and I’m real tired, so I’m going to be totally unfair to aTAYLORdseign and not give them a full review in this totally sweet hoodie and copy/paste their own blurb.

Finally, slick elbow patches on a stylish hoody! This brown zip-up hoody can be dressed up or down. The electric blue fish design is simple and unique with one fish swimming out of the left pocket and two fish swimming down the back right shoulder. To top off the design we have hand cut and hand sewn wide wale corduroy elbow patches. All patches are sewn with electric blue thread that accentuates the fish design – this is not your average hoody.

Make sure you check out the URL to see some nice close ups of the fish, they’re really well done.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Costiness=$72, URL.

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Get the water from the source

by Andy on June 23, 2006

My internet is being very slow and silly today (where’ve all the images on the internet gone?), but I couldn’t bear to think of you all going without advice from your preacher of hoods, so check out my for a load of fresh links that I’ll be using over the next few weeks.


Ich bin ein Springfielder

by Andy on June 22, 2006

If you hadn’t already guessed, todays hood comes from Germany, and yes, a World Cup related title would have been far more [Hot] Topical.

Eisberg Studios may well pack their store out with lots of brightly coloured and boldly printed designs, but their hoodie is what intrigues me, even though it is a shamelessly self-promoting logo based item. And I know that there’s a lot of people out there that really turn there noses up at logo clothes.

The centre of chest logo isn’t very exciting (nice font though), its the pocket action that I’m digging. All that junk that you can see in the pic is coming out of the left hand pocket, how freakin’ sweet is that?

Innovative positioning and choice of items (ruler, glue etc.) for the design Eisberg, HYA applauds you.

Costiness=€55 (only 1 medium size left by the looks of things), URL (about half way down)


Honey, tie would dye for you

by Andy on June 21, 2006


I don’t know if I’m the edge of starting a trend here by recommending a tie-dye hoodie, but I think it’s pretty cute, so I will acceptr any tie-dye based mockery with good humour, and remember, tie-dye is fun!

The colour really suits the summer, since I’ve generally put away my black tees and started wearing a lot more lighter colours (baby/sky blue rocks my world), and the style of this hoodie has a really summery feel to it, with the patches andn the subtle use of printed shapes (flowers, perhaps?)

Costiness=$46 URL

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The Summer Breeze

by Andy on June 19, 2006

If you ‘get’ that title, I love you!

I found out about aujCollections through a post by Josh Spear today, regarding their philanthropic mentoring and support system. Noble project, blah blah blah, what about the hoodie?

I’ll let auj describe it themselves:

Young Love Hoodie
Designed after the young and wealthy romantics. The Young Love Hoodie is meant to be worn with one knee on the ground, one can of paint and one lucky girl. Due to the nipped-in waist and elevated arm-holes, this close-fitting piece hugs tight to the body. The sailing ties laced around the neck and colorful hand-stitching give each piece its unique look.

Right on!

Costiness=$119.00 URL

*UPDATE* Anyone wanna see a high-res pic of the hoodie? Mr Auj himself got in touch to send a pic of the item, and it looks even better, there’s a load of little details that I hadn’t noticed earlier, around the cuffs and edges of the pockets, and a nautically themed draw-string on the hood by the looks of things. It’s 1.5MB, but hey, my bandwidth can take it (as long as BoingBing don’t suddenly take an interest in hoodies with boats on them)


Jump! Yeahhhh Jump!

by Andy on June 17, 2006


It’s not often that I recommend a sweatshirt, since I usually find prints on sweatshirts a bit more miss than hit, but I like this one a lot. It’s nice to recommend a UK label on a U.K. webstore too.I like the colour palette, even though you might say that picking green for the paratroopers was a bit of a cliche. I like the idea of the putting lots of paratroopers in, it really gives the design a lot of depth, and it has more paras printed on the back too! And my love of on-the-back-printing has been documented on these hallowed digital pages many times before.

Costiness=£39.99 with free postage in the UK (deal!), by Seventy Seven, available from Leapstore.

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Andy, you’re a star!

by Andy on June 16, 2006

No Star clothing, despite already having a pretty decent price for their two birds hoodie ($60), they are offering Hide Your Arms readers an even greater incentive to pick up one of their sweatshirts. If you enter the coupon code HYA20 when you order the sweatshirt you will receive a 20% discount, taking the item down to $48, bargain!

The coupon is valid up until the 21st June 2006 (Tuesday next week), so take advantage while you can.


Sabre Style Therion 666 Hoodie

by Andy on June 16, 2006

I may not speak German, but I am fluent in style (if I do say so myself), which is why this hoodie from Sabre Style has found its way onto my screen.

I do like it, but I feel that with a few alterations it could be much better. They’ve got a great looking design there, but it just seems a bit small, something with that kind of detail really deserves to be in the center and wayyyy bigger. That and it seems to be printed using vinyl (could be, and probably am, wrong), perhaps a water-based soft ink with a sliught fade would have been more appropriate considering the cowboy-esque design?

That said, it’s still a good design, and it’s printed on American Apparel so you know it’ll feel nice.

Costiness=€55.90 URL


As was mentioned a while back, No Star have a new website, and a few new designs to go with it. If memory serves correctly, this Two Birds hoodie is a new design, I think…

The placement of the birds may be unfortunate for the ladies, but the birds don’t appear to be boobies, so at least you’ve got factual accuracy on your side in case of pervs. It’s a fairly simple design, but the outline around the birds is a real nice touch.

Costiness=$60 Men’s URL, Womens URL



When I got the regular weekly newsletter from Threadless I was expecting the usual round of new designs and reprints, but the e-mail just kept going and going. They’ve added some new lines, redesigned the website (though there’s a distinct lack of web 2.0 ajax-ification), a new competition (with a massive amount of prizes), and there’s a sale on (do people ever buy Threadless shirts when they aren’t on sale?) until the 15th of June.

It’ll be interesting to see what people make of these changes, escpecially the Select range, which is more expensive ($25 a pop) than the usual offerings, though they are commissioned designs, Aiko is responsible for one of the designs.

Jungle Life has done a very thorough run-through of all the changes, check it out.


Soft Touch Reviews: The Handsome Sausage

by Andy on June 13, 2006

handsome sausage package stlyised
I like the Handsome Sausage, there’s something about the collision between hand-drawn designs and super-soft printing that makes me feel good, it just seems like a company that wants to get things right, and do things in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you have a nice tee, but the person that made it got $0.01 for your pleasure. In the package there was a little thankyou slip explaining how the shirts are non-sweatshop (American Apparel), and printed using a non-toxic ink. I was amazed to hear a few months back on the news just how much ink is used to colour a single tee, I forget the figures now, but it was more than you would expect, so it’s good to see companies going non-toxic (I presume lots of other indies do the same, but I just haven’t noticed).

I got a little carried away with my review, so most of its size will be under a cut (kinda like an iceberg)
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To the Forest

by Andy on June 11, 2006

Dalila Hoodie by Rebe

I’m pretty sure that the hotness of the girl in the pic isn’t influencing my opinion of this hoodie, but a hot girl and a cool hoodie is my idea of awesomeness.

The print is nice, possibly a bit busy for my liking, but I like the way that its screened over the left-hand pocket, you don’t see that very often, hurrah for innovation! The colour combination is vibrant, though usually with female hoodies I expect there to be more colour, but the use of white works well in this case.

It looks pretty fitted, so keep that in mind if you’re tempted to make a purchase. And I know that summer is coming (there isn’t a cloud in the sky outside my window) so I would recommend that you all follow the young ladies example and wear nothing under your hoodies, because, y’know, it’s hot.

Costiness=$82 URL

One more picture after the jump
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PSA the HYA way: Server change complete

by Andy on June 10, 2006

I think that after about 10 hours of trying, retrying, deleting, being impatient and drinking I’ve managed to move HYA to a new server, and it should all be working the same as this morning, except possibly faster and more reliably.

Thanks for being patient, maybe now things can get focused back on the stuff that matters. hoodies, track jackets and onesies!


The Cotton Filter – 090606

by Andy on June 9, 2006

More non-sleeved news for your perusing pleasure:

HYA: Since people keep telling me that they can’t reach the site (even though I can), I’ve splashed some cash (even though I’m semi-unemployed) on webhosting in the form of a very generous plan from Dreamhost, made even more affordable by a kick-ass coupon code provided by Teees. So you know what that means, downtime, yep, I’m going to fix the downtime issues by having more downtime… this will occur over the weekend when I’d rather be doing something else, but its gotta be done, and traffic is lower on a weekend so hopefully most people won’t even notice. With all the extra space expect some semi-exciting developments, and for me to stop relying on Flickr for photo-hosting.

Teetonic: Another non-stop design competition business model vying for the title of Britain’s Threadless challenger. Great website design, it drips web 2.0, oh, and the tees are pretty nice too. [via Addicteed]

Heartbreakshirts: I don’t particularly like linking to a non-English site, and one which is Spreadshirt (though I have 2 spreadshirt items which have lasted well), but I really like this idea. It’s two shirts, and they have opposing parts of a heart on them, and underneath the piece of the heart there is the braille symbol for love. It’s kinda cute, but is it the equivalent of twins dressing the same? Left side, right side. [ via designspotter]

Oddica: HYA’s latest affiliate and all round bunch of nice guys are changing their pricing structure, following the May Madness that accompanied their opening month. From now on a single tee is $20, pick up a couple for $30 and three or more runs at $14 per tee. It’s not as great as their opening prices, sure, but for American Apparel and super-soft water-based ink, you’re still getting a pretty good deal. *CLARITY* This isn’t going to be Oddica’s final price scale, this is them continuing their opening sale a while longer, it just isn’t as crazy as before. So if you like anything from this collection and haven’t got around to ordering yet, then do it quick to take advantage.



I know you can’t buy Lenko clothing on the internet (well, there aren’t any sites listed on their stockists pages), and that most of my traffic comes from America, where they have no stockists, but they’ve still got some cool hoodies and sweatshirts that deserve a mention. It’s a hand-drawn, child-like cartoon type style, which looks far better than I’ve described it. And they make hoodies for girls as well as guys.

*EDIT* Thanks to the folks at Lenko who got in touch to say that you CAN get their stuff online, just head to YTBA to look at the wares of many antipodean designers and artists.


Teetsy’s super sale

by Andy on June 8, 2006

Teetsy have got a store wide sale going on their tees. It’s a one day spectacular for today only, so you’ll need to be quick to make the most of the 40% savings, that’s right, 40 per cent.

The coupon code that will make your shopping basket eligible for the sale is PUTTER.

If you’re in the U.S. shipping is free (which seems to be normal at Teetsy anyway), but there’s no shipping saving for foreigner, but with $18 tees being down to $10.80 then you’re making enough of a saving for you to fool yourself into thinking that the shippings free anyway.

Oh, and if you want to keep up with the latest sales etc. that’s going on at Teetsy then join their mailing list (they’re not spammers, so you won’t be mail from them too often).


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