The Cotton Filter – 090606

by Andy on June 9, 2006

More non-sleeved news for your perusing pleasure:

HYA: Since people keep telling me that they can’t reach the site (even though I can), I’ve splashed some cash (even though I’m semi-unemployed) on webhosting in the form of a very generous plan from Dreamhost, made even more affordable by a kick-ass coupon code provided by Teees. So you know what that means, downtime, yep, I’m going to fix the downtime issues by having more downtime… this will occur over the weekend when I’d rather be doing something else, but its gotta be done, and traffic is lower on a weekend so hopefully most people won’t even notice. With all the extra space expect some semi-exciting developments, and for me to stop relying on Flickr for photo-hosting.

Teetonic: Another non-stop design competition business model vying for the title of Britain’s Threadless challenger. Great website design, it drips web 2.0, oh, and the tees are pretty nice too. [via Addicteed]

Heartbreakshirts: I don’t particularly like linking to a non-English site, and one which is Spreadshirt (though I have 2 spreadshirt items which have lasted well), but I really like this idea. It’s two shirts, and they have opposing parts of a heart on them, and underneath the piece of the heart there is the braille symbol for love. It’s kinda cute, but is it the equivalent of twins dressing the same? Left side, right side. [ via designspotter]

Oddica: HYA’s latest affiliate and all round bunch of nice guys are changing their pricing structure, following the May Madness that accompanied their opening month. From now on a single tee is $20, pick up a couple for $30 and three or more runs at $14 per tee. It’s not as great as their opening prices, sure, but for American Apparel and super-soft water-based ink, you’re still getting a pretty good deal. *CLARITY* This isn’t going to be Oddica’s final price scale, this is them continuing their opening sale a while longer, it just isn’t as crazy as before. So if you like anything from this collection and haven’t got around to ordering yet, then do it quick to take advantage.

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