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by Andy on June 11, 2006

Dalila Hoodie by Rebe

I’m pretty sure that the hotness of the girl in the pic isn’t influencing my opinion of this hoodie, but a hot girl and a cool hoodie is my idea of awesomeness.

The print is nice, possibly a bit busy for my liking, but I like the way that its screened over the left-hand pocket, you don’t see that very often, hurrah for innovation! The colour combination is vibrant, though usually with female hoodies I expect there to be more colour, but the use of white works well in this case.

It looks pretty fitted, so keep that in mind if you’re tempted to make a purchase. And I know that summer is coming (there isn’t a cloud in the sky outside my window) so I would recommend that you all follow the young ladies example and wear nothing under your hoodies, because, y’know, it’s hot.

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Dalila Hoodie by Rebe

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