Soft Touch Reviews: The Handsome Sausage

by Andy on June 13, 2006

handsome sausage package stlyised
I like the Handsome Sausage, there’s something about the collision between hand-drawn designs and super-soft printing that makes me feel good, it just seems like a company that wants to get things right, and do things in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you have a nice tee, but the person that made it got $0.01 for your pleasure. In the package there was a little thankyou slip explaining how the shirts are non-sweatshop (American Apparel), and printed using a non-toxic ink. I was amazed to hear a few months back on the news just how much ink is used to colour a single tee, I forget the figures now, but it was more than you would expect, so it’s good to see companies going non-toxic (I presume lots of other indies do the same, but I just haven’t noticed).

I got a little carried away with my review, so most of its size will be under a cut (kinda like an iceberg)

I was also sent something with sleeves from the Handsome Sausage, which is a first for HYA (odd, I know, for a hoodie blog), and very welcome since I went to the seaside today and burnt my arms something fierce, so hiding my pinkened appendages will probably stop the stinging getting any worse. But I digress, the package from the Handsome Sausage was pretty cool, it was a regular USPS envelope (the ones that feel like wax-ified fabric), but there was the spaceman design on the back, in the trademark luminous pink. In the package was some stickers (one of which is firmly affixed on top of my printer) some postcards (a really thick amount, guess I’ll be street-teaming for Handsome sausage then), a slip of paper telling me about the non-sweatshop and generally Treehugger nature of the products. Oh, and the long and short sleeve tee, of course.

The designs are really vibrant (despite what my photography shows of the sawboy long-sleeve), and I like the use of a single print colour, it seems to maintain the spirit of hand-drawn designs. Having said that, the Handsome Sausage has just bought a 4-colour printer, so expect a rainbow of illuminosity from Handsome Sausage pretty soon. I think I might prefer the spaceman design to the sawboy, despite writing about the track jacket version of sawboy a few moons ago on HYA. The comic nature of the designs really gives them a lovable charm.

The quality is undeniable, and the standard and detail of the printing is top-notch. I haven’t actually worn them for a full day yet (I like to save new tees for when lots of people can see them, and then in my less sober moments I can claim that I’m a fashion journalist) but they certainly did look good when I tired them on, and I would recommend that you pick something up whilst they still do everything custom, e.g. I didn’t even know they did long-sleeve tees, and they didn’t cater for my, ahem, more rotund frame, so my tees were custom printed, it just took a little time for the stock order to come in). As was discussed in last months interview, with growth of the company the customisation element will be harder and harder to incorporate, so don’t be afraid to ask for changes, like colours, size and style. Though on the colour front, I wasn’t too sure about wearing shocking pink, but now that I’ve seen it, it’s pretty cool, now I have a tee to go with my glowing burnt arms!

Enjoy some pictures detalied pics of the sihrts and extras:

the handsome sausage postcardhandsome sausage sawboy teehandsome sausage spaceman teethe handsome sausage thank you slipthe handsome sausage stickerhandsome sausage envelope

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