Sabre Style Therion 666 Hoodie

by Andy on June 16, 2006

I may not speak German, but I am fluent in style (if I do say so myself), which is why this hoodie from Sabre Style has found its way onto my screen.

I do like it, but I feel that with a few alterations it could be much better. They’ve got a great looking design there, but it just seems a bit small, something with that kind of detail really deserves to be in the center and wayyyy bigger. That and it seems to be printed using vinyl (could be, and probably am, wrong), perhaps a water-based soft ink with a sliught fade would have been more appropriate considering the cowboy-esque design?

That said, it’s still a good design, and it’s printed on American Apparel so you know it’ll feel nice.

Costiness=€55.90 URL

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