Bienvenue a St Tropez

by Andy on June 29, 2006

I feel like everything on HYA has been a bit disjointed for the past month or so, what with the week of downtime, then switching to a new host, so its pretty unfortunate that just as I’m back into the rhythm of blogging I’m going to go on holiday.

As the title suggests I’m heading to the South of France and I’ll be gone until next Saturday and don’t expect to go near a computer (I may well suffer from internet withdrawal), so the next post will be on July 10th, unless I’m really hungover from celebrating England winning the World Cup the day before. The second half of that sentence may well end up looking stupid, lets hope not.

So check the links for other tee and clothes sites, and if you feel like helping to fund my mission to impress French girls by pretending to be astoundingly rich then there’s plenty of affiliate links on the links page too!

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