When diets attack, vol. VII

by Andy on July 20, 2006

With all the amazing weather I’ve been enjoying I almost forgot to post… sozzle, but at least I have a great hoodie to make up for my forgetfullness.

The idea of putting a life-size skeleton onto a piece of clothing is hardly original, I even saw Pete Wentz (the SFOB that gets me lots of google traffic) wearing a skeleton tee on the front of a UK magazine called Rock Sound, but I’ve got to pay waffo their dues and applaud the quality of design in their release. Unlike most offerings, this hoodie has the skeleton from both a front a rear view, admittedly no one is going to think you’re an actual skeleton, but it looks pretty sweet nonetheless.

Costiness=$40.99 URL

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  • http://yahoo ron pond

    Pete Wentz you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot. do you think that you are the hotest in your band and way. do you get boared form playing music all the time.

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