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by Andy on July 24, 2006

ser2photo.jpgToo hot for hoodies, am I right, folks?

Go Ape Shirts sprang to the attention of the ‘sphere a few months ago when Dave Horowitz’s infamous Boo Boo Walker design struck a chord with Star Wars loving hipsters. Amazingly, Go Ape hasn’t been sued for copyright infringement by George Lucas and are back with their second series of shirts, complimenting the first series, which are still on sale (well, you wouldn’t stop printing a bestseller now, would you?).

The two new shirts are both nice (click on the thumbnail to see them in greater detail), with ‘Elliots’ New Friend’ being a great mashup of 80s pop-culture, but I wouldn’t want to make it seem as if Go Ape is only strong when it’s referencing movies, company owner Josh has brought together an impressive collection of artists, and he seems to be being very selective about what he’s selling.

The website is still fairly idiosyncratic at the moment, being kind of a blog/store hybrid, though there are some very nice implementations of Flash that it would be nice to see extending throughout the site. Josh has also said that he might order some hoodies when it starts to get a bit cooler (Go Ape is in Arizona though, so you may be waiting some time!), so keep an eye out for them in the future.

All shirts are screen printed on American Apparel and are a reasonable $18 + shipping and handling.

Go Ape Shirts

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