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by Andy on July 25, 2006


I could go in for a lot of eastern-inspired stereotypes, and point out that HYA could be pronounced like that sound to make when you pretend to do a karate chop, but instead I’m going to let Shaolinen explain their ethos themselves:

It is high time a sense of realism came about to give martial arts a better standing in the market. Skaters, hip-hop sports wear, football and rugby all have their urban following, but martial arts has yet to be represented. A lot of our designs are based on martial arts and oriental themes with a view at more authenticity and perhaps education. A lot of people don’t even know that the words “Kung-Fu” actually means “hard work” (because it takes a lot of hard-work to become a master).

We aim to produce the best martial arts orientated teeshirts around. Since there aren’t many out that we liked, it made sense to make our own to wear.

There are currently six different designs on sale, and whilst they’re only available in a medium size at the moment, Weng from Shaolinen e-mailed me to say that they hope to offer a wider range of sizes soon. They seem to be having a bit of a sale at the moment, with tees costing £15 (UK) and £23 (overseas), with delivery included.

Their flash site is really slick, although there is also a HTML version for those of you on dial-up, or just with Flash-phobia.


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