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by Andy on July 27, 2006

I quite like letting the companies do the describing for me sometimes, and not just because I’m lazy, I’m just not as good at talking like a PR guy as designers are. Observe.

302designs, established in December 2004, is run and managed by four unique individuals. Each partner brings their own differentiated interests, skills, and backgrounds to the company.

Each design is a symbolic representation of an individual’s feelings. Some of the recurring themes are emphasizing the importance of listening to one’s own internal passion, promoting individuality, and maintaining strength from within.

302 considers itself a socially conscious establishment. Keeping with this theme, we refuse to contribute to sweatshop conditions of any type. Each shirt is printed on material from American Apparel, out of L.A. They support fair wages and benefits for all their employees.

But I guess that since 302designs describes itself as a company that creates ‘poetic t-shirts’, you’re going to get descriptive language, and this theme runs through into their t-shirt designs. All the tees marry life-affirming and inspiring text with intricate and detailed graphics. It’s one of the strongest line-ups of inventory that I’ve seen for quite a while, if I were to choose one I’d really struggle, I only picked the one in the picture (Imagination) because I prefer brighter colours in the summer.

There is also a full girls section, including one or two designs that aren’t available for the guys.

All the items seem well priced, running between $20-$27, and considering how great I think these tees look, well worth the price.


  • Dave

    Thank you for the great write-up Andy! This means a lot.

  • franco

    awesome write-up. Wear the tee. Live the life.

  • Dylan

    wow 302designs makes some pretty cool stuff. i like the fact that they’re trying to make an impact on the world and not just money. i’ve been looking for more meaningful brands/ clothing lines a lot lately actually and i think it might be one of the new trends. nice to see young people becoming more socially conscious. in particular 302designs really reminds me of The Legacy Movement ( they explore a lot of similar themes i think.

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