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by Andy on July 28, 2006


I’m never too sure about running stores that have ‘funny’ tees, since I know lots of people don’t buy into the whole Busted Tees vibe, I always wonder whether a tee which is a joke has much longevity socially, compared to a nicely designed artistic tee. But Bedlam Clothing does seem to have a little something to it. As well as making you laugh, they also have a focus on what seems to be the worlds favourite past time, gambling (if the shows on late-night tv are anything to go by). I’ll let the stores’ owner, Michael, fill you in on the details.

All of our original designs are printed on American Apparel clothing and are of the finest quality. Now I will be the first to tell you that I don’t have much of a graphic design background, I think and design in terms of text, so that’s what you’ll find on a majority of our current designs. The next round of bedlam tees will be done by established artists and will move in a more graphic-based direction. To make room for the new stuff I’ve placed every bedlam tee on sale for $10 until inventory runs out.

Nice to see a bit of humility there from Michael, and whilst he says he thinks in terms of text, at least he’s picked some great fonts! So pick up a bargain or two, since you can’t really go wrong with American Apparel stock for $10.

Bedlam Clothing

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    A funny t-shirt now and then is never a bad thing.

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