Not a t-shirt blog: Zenorschnitzel

by Andy on August 11, 2006


I don’t know when this blog was taken over by Mr. Listy McListerson, but here goes anyway.1. Zenorschnitzel is a great name.

2. The owner isn’t a tee artist, she’s an architect fresh out of college, but don’t all designers love putting things on soft soft cotton?

3. Firing a shotgun at a t-shirt sounds kinda stupid (and Gil Grissom will probably bust your ass for something… somehow), but I think it’s awesome, and produces a unique effect, although I’d probably prefer it if the animal prints were slightly bigger.

4. I like the idea of putting a map of America on a tee and telling me to fill colour in the states as I travel through them, it inspires the part of me that’s wanted to go on “The Great American Road Trip” (TM) since I was 18. It’s nicely designed and actually has an idea behind it, which I like to see, someone pushing the envelope (or at least trying to use a different type of envelope).

5. All the best lists have 5 parts to them.



    Think its an exciting Idea

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