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September 2006

Bark, bark, bark, woof

by Andy on September 29, 2006

The All-Mighty have some great new stuff available and I’d say that the designs have gone from strength to strength over the time that I’ve been watching them.

There’s lot of cool and cute little touches on this hoodie, like the printing on the hood drawstring, frills on the cuff ands pockets, and yes, even elbow patches! Their use of the dog patch on the back left might not to be everyone’s taste, but if you don’t want a dog on your clothes then the All-Mighty really isn’t the place for you.

Costiness=$68 URL


Brooklyn Industries: Griffin Instarsia

by Andy on September 27, 2006

I realised today that I simply don’t do enough sweater posts, and it’s not because I have anything against them, there just doesn’t seem to be as many out there when compared to the ever-popular hoodie (zipped or not).

Luckily our friends over at Brooklyn Industries can always be relied on to put out quality designs, and whilst I’m pretty sure that the Griffin Instarsia design isn’t exactly new, its still good and will provide some much needed warmth now that the nights are closing in and the leaves are turning (expect me to say that for the next couple of months).

I like the stripes on the cuffs and hem, it feels like a bit of retro nostalgia. The griffin design on the chest might be a bit Pringle-ish for some, but I’d argue that it suits the style of the jumper, especially considering the stripes.

Costiness=$69 URL


I feel a bit sickle

by Andy on September 26, 2006

Communism (especially the Soviet kind) seems to be a pretty popular draw for clothing designers, and whilst most of the designs and prints are pretty simple they do have a bit of charm, despite my constant reservations over politically aware clothing. On a side note, the novelty/retro Commie-clothing that I saw in Russia was far less attractive than any ‘Hammer & Sickle wear’ that I’ve seen coming out of the US, though we are going back a few years with my reference, so the Ruskies may be undergoing their own t-shirt revolution that I don’t know about.

Red Army Co is a company dedicated to putting iconic Soviet style images on well-priced items of clothing. It seems fitting that a company like this keeps their prices low, though I’m not sure what Lenin would think about them using Amazon to power their shop! They also seem to be very active within the skateboarding and music communities, if their news page is anything to go by.

Some of their designs are the pretty standard fayre, eagles, the colour red, yadda yadda yadda, but there are some more creative offerings as well, such as this Imperial Guard hoodie (also available as a tee or track jacket).

It’s a pretty cool design, with a largely hand-drawn style, and its refreshing to see a distinct lack of red in the design.

Costiness=$27.99 URL


Diamonds Aren’t Forever

by Andy on September 25, 2006

I don’t really get it when websites have hidden items and secret sales, it just feels like they’re trying not to sell what they’ve spent time and money making. Although in the case of Owl Movement, I’m willing to make an exception, because I know they’re only keeping it on the down low since their new hoodie is seriously limited edition (ie, there isn’t that many of them available) and presumably they want to give loyal fans first dibs on getting one.

And even when they wanted me to know about it, it still took me rather a long time to find out where it was hidden. Whilst I am a nice guy, I’m not going to spoon-feed it all to you, so you’re going to have to find it yourself (coughlookatthetitlecough).

As hoodies go, it’s got a lot to get you hot under the collar, skulls, diamonds, and yes, even an all over print on the back (which I guess isn’t technically all-over, but that seems to be the term that ‘we’ use). The detail on the front with the skull design is contrasted nicely with the simple diamond background, which has a subtle look with the light blue print laid over the heather grey fabric.

In keeping with OM’s idea of keeping things hidden and secret, you’re going to have to click ‘read more’ to see some pics.

Costiness=$40 on American Apparel, URL

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A bit on the Side

by Andy on September 22, 2006

Sideline is a new-ish company out of the UK which offers talented young designers from around the world the opportunity to display their ideas on peoples chests. Nowadays that would usually mean a Threadless style contest, but they’ve gone down more of the Oddica route and are keeping it exclusive, very exclusive actually, they have just three designers at the moment. And those three designers are of a high calibre, I don’t know anything about their backgrounds but I do like all the tees. They all have a simple calmness to them, there isn’t too much colour, and the designs are too busy. They’ve also got some interesting placement options (so it’s not just on your chest!), which I always like to see, tees with everything in the middle can look a bit standard sometimes.

They also sell some artworks created exclusively for Sideline by Rob Malpensa, oh, and a skateboard deck that is probably meant to be hung on a wall rather than grinded on.

Costiness=£24 ($40 €40) URL


Poll closed: Landslide announced!

by Andy on September 22, 2006

Well, the poll turned out how I imagined (but I would say that, wouldn’t I?) with a massive win for zip-up hoodies. The figures stacked up thusly:

What style of hoodie do you prefer?With a zip: 69 (82%)

Pullover: 15 (18%)

Total votes: 84

When I can think up another poll that will help me to improve the targetting and service on the blog then I’ll let you know, and don’t worry minority pullover lovers, I won’t neglect you in the future.


Yack Fou: total German hotness

by Andy on September 21, 2006

Yack Fou is new to me, and I must say that I am very, very impressed. Impressed to the point were I’m not at all concerned that they’ve slapped their name on almost all their products!

There’s a lot of strong, bright and vibrant colours, combined with well-defined vector art based designs. The style creates some really modern and refreshing designs, I’ve been struglling to describe the style (so many rewrites!) but I think in some cases its almost as if they’ve taken web-design and transplanted it onto clothing (let’s hope MySpace don’t steal that idea…).

I wish I could tell you more about the brand, but I don’t really speak any German, though they did tell me that they are working on an English verision, and you’ll be able to work your way around quite easily (katalog=catalogue, shop=shop, need more?).

Costiness=€49.90 (sweaters) €54.90 (hoodie) URL

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Even though This is Spinal Tap was made 22 years ago it has managed to retain lodged in the psyche of popular culture, and the infamous ‘eleven’ scene seems to have become a prime target for clothing designers. So I present to you a couple of designs that have caught my eye over the past week.

Both designs are pretty simple, and pretty subtle. Which I like, since ‘in your face’ designs that are meant to be funny aren’t really my bag, and these could happily fly under the radar if I met someone that didn’t know the joke, which keeps things simple, there’s nothing worse than having to explain a joke.

The first one comes from a pop culture and politics outift called Dumbgun, and whilst I don’t really agree with their choice of colour for the promo picture, I do think it could look a lot nicer in one of the other options that they give. The rounded nature of the design gives it a kind of stamp look, which is different (although I should note that it is screen printed). It costs a reasonable $29.95 and can be found here.

The ubiquitous Paul Frank brings us our second item for the day, with a more technically minded and sharper looking volume knob, printed onto a long-sleeve tee. Whilst I do like the design, I’m once again having issues with the choice of colour, perhaps black would have been more appropriate (and more rock!). Would I be right in thinking that this design is actually more accurate to Marshall amps (I only have a small Marshall that doesn’t have all the numbers)? It costs $36 and can be found here.



What’s my Size? I’d rather not say

by Andy on September 19, 2006

Props where they’re due, this post is via Highsnobriety.

Size? is a UK chain which caters more for sneaker freaks than most UK shoe shops (Schuh is pretty good though too). But what am I doing talking about a shoe shop? Well, they’ve branched out into selling clothes online, which means they’re now right up my alley. The new range is 13 items (6 tees, 5 hoodies, 2 windbreakers), and the designs all seem pretty tight. I’m not too hot on their tees though, they’re all based around iconic band logos, except with size? as the text instead of the band. I like the execution, but it just doesn’t sit well with me, perhaps it’s down to the band selection, kinda feels like a cash-in.

Anyway, hoodies are our main concern. The selection is pretty simply designed (unless you turn a couple of them inside out, then BAM! Camo!), but all look well finished, with nice little details like having the size? question mark as the zipper. A couple of them also have draw-string waists, which is cool, though I don’t really know why you’d want it.

Get them while they’re hot though, because less than 120 of each item went on sale and I’m sure a fair bit of stock will have been shifted already.

Costiness=£45-60 (hoodies) URL


Ummm… gnarley?

by Andy on September 18, 2006

First things first, this is totally, totally stolen inspired by a post from Teees last week.

I always used to think of Fullbleed as selling clothes for emo kids (though that wouldn’t be a bad thing), but their latest season seems to be a lot broader (i.e. less depressing), and there’s some gems in there.

This hoodie is a prime example, because, y’know, it’s totally awesome. That said, I’m not too sure that the pose of the surfers is all that well designed, it looks a bit stuck onto the bombs. But the printing over the zip is very well done, the size and placement (trailing down to the right) looks great, especially since it is going across the pocket. I like the way that the image takes little notice of the limitations that are placed on it by the pockets and zips, allowing for a larger image to be used, and when you’re using the sky in a design you often want to give a large sense of scale.

Costiness=$30 on American Apparel URL


Tigers need a fill up every so often

by Andy on September 16, 2006

I went to see Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby this evening (its a movie where Will Ferrell plays that guy that he has been in every movie he’s ever made, think of it as Anchorman on wheels), and there is a scene involving a cougar, so when I saw this track jacket by Le Tigre, I had to mention it… because as we all know, cougars and tigers are actually the same animal.

It’s a pretty simple jacket, so there’s not really much for me to say, but I did find the blurb pretty funny:

* 64% Cotton/36% Polyester
* Front zipper
* Ribbing at waist, cuffs, and neck
* Machine wash cold with like colors
* Only non-chlorine bleach when needed
* Tumble dry low
* Cool iron when needed
* By Le Tigre

Because my purchasing choices are determined by how the item should be washed!

Costiness=$84 URL


It’s simply Divine

by Andy on September 15, 2006

I’ve been keeping a close eye on Divine Clothing for a while now, since their first season in fact, but I was holidng out until they started selling hoodies to do a post (which they will be by October, expect a follow-up post), but since they’ve got a sale on at the moment I thought share the savings.

There is a big variety in the style of all the tees in the range, with cartoon-style, text, hand-drawn and vector style all being represented. All tees are at the lowlow price of $14 until the end of this week (its a back to school sale). Their range of plushies is also on sale for $10, but to be completely frank, those things kinda scare me, just a little bit.

Oh, and the tees are printed onto Hanes Heavyweight 50/50 stock.


Divine on MySpace (errrm… how do they have 35000 friends and I only have 98?)


My head is a freakin’ mess

by Andy on September 14, 2006


We don’t get ‘peeps’ here in the UK, by which I don’t mean shorthand for person (i.e. “I’m jus’ hangin’ wit’ ma peeps”, which I say all the time, as you would imagine), I mean those bizarre, fluffy, sugary things that look awesome but I imagine are actually kinda nasty, on account of them being luminous colours.
But even though I may not have first hand experience of the peeps, I can recognise an American icon when I see one, which is why I like this hoodie from Messhead clothing.

The design is crisp, simple, well postioned, and with a dash of colour to ensure that it stands out from the crowd. You could say that its a bit empty, but I think that the minimalist approach suits this better than having a few giant peeps dotted about the hoddie. There’s also ‘Messhead’ written in handwriting style font (kinda like the one that Threadless use for their logo) on the hood, which is readable when the hood is up, which I kinda like, though it might be a bit ‘in your face’ for some. Also, it’s damn cheap, which is always a plus.

It is also available in white, a colour which I usually avoid because I tend to get various sauces on me on a regular basis, but in this case I think the design might look better in white.

Costiness=$20 URL


A Spiteful sale

by Andy on September 13, 2006

Marla from Spitefuls (the people that want us to embrace bitterness), just told me that she’s running a sale at the moment. There’s three tee designs going cheap ($10-12), and one card.

She also said that the sale is for a limited time only, but hasn’t decided when it will end, which kind of adds a danger element to the whole process, can you risk waiting another day before making those pertinent purchasing decisions?

Check it out


Ooohh, flowers!

by Andy on September 13, 2006


Now, I don’t want to conform to a male stereotype and alienate the female readership, but you girls do like glowers right?

Either way, I think this is a cute hoodie, with some tasty embroidery, and subtle tones over the flowers, where you would usually expect to see a big brash design with bright colours. Oh, and there’s another flower stitched onto the back, which keeps in with the subtle theme, because its tucked away in a corner, just minding its own business.

I’m not sure what stock its printed on, but with all the stitch work that I assume goes into this it arguably justifies the higher than usual (for the blog, anyway) asking price.

Costiness=$98 URL


Constantce-ine came walking down the stairs

by Andy on September 12, 2006

mns_lineshoody.jpgConstance Clothing was set up by a couple of skaters who wanted to make wearable art for their poly-ply loving brethren, but the ones who truly cared for their sport. And whilst I personally don’t see the hoodie I’m promoting tonight as art (its a logo hoodie, what were they meant to do?), I do like it.

I think diagonal lines are cool, its a weird little thing I like in clothes, when they don’t conform to the traditional y and x axis that so bewilderingly often seem to be a constraint. And these lines aren’t even equi-distant, double jackpot! I think it just adds a bit of drama to the hoodie, and gives it more of an indie feel.

Costiness=$30 URL (no specific page sorry, it is pretty easy to find though)

(oh yeah, there are scene points available for referencing the title)


Rock the vote: Hoodies

by Andy on September 11, 2006

I’m trying something a little different (meaning that I don’t know if its going to work) and try and learn something about the people that visit HYA. Since this is meant to be a predominantly hoodie based site, I’d like to know what kind of hoodie it is you prefer. It’s simple, there’s only two options, just choose between a hoodie that has a zip, or the pullover type. If the polls doesn’t show up in this post (and my instincts tell me that it probably won’t work hey, it worked! and its AJAX-y!), please leave a comment. If there’s a big swing one way or another, I’ll keep it in mind for the future and try post items according to popularity of the style.



Either way, there’s still resistance

by Andy on September 11, 2006

Iron-On Resistance, who I’ve written about before, have decided to change their name because people seemed to think that they were selling clothes with iron-on prints, when everything they sell is actually screenprinted in Tampa. Also, the name was a bit long, which is why they have changed their name to…

Resist Today

I like it, although to be completely honest I don’t really mind whats its called, as long as they continue producing their high quality designs.

So, update your bookmarks to


The Cotton Filter – 100906

by Andy on September 10, 2006

Haven’t done one of these for a while:

  • I was away for the weekend at a wedding (2 in 2 weeks after none for years and years), and refused to pay £12 at the hotel for wifi to give you the daily dose of goodness. You’re probably not concerned, but I don’t feel comfortable leaving no explanation when I go off my usual posting rhythm.
  • A guy called Matt informed me about a fairly new tee site called, complete with brown themed site. So, I guess that Shirt Stain want to associate their brand with….. poop? Or maybe I’m just a bit puerile and its just “oh look, your shirt has a stain, buy a new one from shirtstain.” No matter what the name is they do have some good looking shirts, including this one by the aforementioned Matt. SS source their designs by scouring the net for designers they like, and then contact their favourites to see if they can work together. Tees are reasonable $15 a piece and are printed onto AA stock.
  • A guy called Bobby Manzo (<– awesome name!) got in touch about Monstar Clothing. I’ve been following Monstar for a while, and changes seem to be afoot on an almost daily basis. They’re now selling a few items under a Big Cartel storefront, but I remember them selling things through eBay a little bit ago. If you add them as a friend on MySpace (after you’ve added me, of course!), you’ll get links to the various sample sales they conduct on eBay (which is a lot more varied than the store). I really like their logo and design style, so it will be interesting to see how they develop over the coming months. Tees are $20 (not sure what stock), and hats are $15.

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