Rock the vote: Hoodies

by Andy on September 11, 2006

I’m trying something a little different (meaning that I don’t know if its going to work) and try and learn something about the people that visit HYA. Since this is meant to be a predominantly hoodie based site, I’d like to know what kind of hoodie it is you prefer. It’s simple, there’s only two options, just choose between a hoodie that has a zip, or the pullover type. If the polls doesn’t show up in this post (and my instincts tell me that it probably won’t work hey, it worked! and its AJAX-y!), please leave a comment. If there’s a big swing one way or another, I’ll keep it in mind for the future and try post items according to popularity of the style.


  • m1k3k

    love the site and i’d love to win a zip up

  • Andy

    uhhh…. win? Sorry, but this isn’t a contest, just some research. I’d love to run a competition of some sort, I’ll try and think of something interesting and find a prize.

    And thanks for the compliment, if I remember correctly, yours was one of the first blogs to link to HYA.

  • Josh Martin

    You should add Joggers, I think those are a different bread of something

  • Andy

    Yeah, I guess that if this was a whole of HYA thing I should have added joggers/track jackets, but I just wanted to keep it simple on my first ever poll, and stay narrow to the hoodies. I’ll try and put it into the next poll.

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