Constantce-ine came walking down the stairs

by Andy on September 12, 2006

mns_lineshoody.jpgConstance Clothing was set up by a couple of skaters who wanted to make wearable art for their poly-ply loving brethren, but the ones who truly cared for their sport. And whilst I personally don’t see the hoodie I’m promoting tonight as art (its a logo hoodie, what were they meant to do?), I do like it.

I think diagonal lines are cool, its a weird little thing I like in clothes, when they don’t conform to the traditional y and x axis that so bewilderingly often seem to be a constraint. And these lines aren’t even equi-distant, double jackpot! I think it just adds a bit of drama to the hoodie, and gives it more of an indie feel.

Costiness=$30 URL (no specific page sorry, it is pretty easy to find though)

(oh yeah, there are scene points available for referencing the title)

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