My head is a freakin’ mess

by Andy on September 14, 2006


We don’t get ‘peeps’ here in the UK, by which I don’t mean shorthand for person (i.e. “I’m jus’ hangin’ wit’ ma peeps”, which I say all the time, as you would imagine), I mean those bizarre, fluffy, sugary things that look awesome but I imagine are actually kinda nasty, on account of them being luminous colours.
But even though I may not have first hand experience of the peeps, I can recognise an American icon when I see one, which is why I like this hoodie from Messhead clothing.

The design is crisp, simple, well postioned, and with a dash of colour to ensure that it stands out from the crowd. You could say that its a bit empty, but I think that the minimalist approach suits this better than having a few giant peeps dotted about the hoddie. There’s also ‘Messhead’ written in handwriting style font (kinda like the one that Threadless use for their logo) on the hood, which is readable when the hood is up, which I kinda like, though it might be a bit ‘in your face’ for some. Also, it’s damn cheap, which is always a plus.

It is also available in white, a colour which I usually avoid because I tend to get various sauces on me on a regular basis, but in this case I think the design might look better in white.

Costiness=$20 URL

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