What’s my Size? I’d rather not say

by Andy on September 19, 2006

Props where they’re due, this post is via Highsnobriety.

Size? is a UK chain which caters more for sneaker freaks than most UK shoe shops (Schuh is pretty good though too). But what am I doing talking about a shoe shop? Well, they’ve branched out into selling clothes online, which means they’re now right up my alley. The new range is 13 items (6 tees, 5 hoodies, 2 windbreakers), and the designs all seem pretty tight. I’m not too hot on their tees though, they’re all based around iconic band logos, except with size? as the text instead of the band. I like the execution, but it just doesn’t sit well with me, perhaps it’s down to the band selection, kinda feels like a cash-in.

Anyway, hoodies are our main concern. The selection is pretty simply designed (unless you turn a couple of them inside out, then BAM! Camo!), but all look well finished, with nice little details like having the size? question mark as the zipper. A couple of them also have draw-string waists, which is cool, though I don’t really know why you’d want it.

Get them while they’re hot though, because less than 120 of each item went on sale and I’m sure a fair bit of stock will have been shifted already.

Costiness=£45-60 (hoodies) URL

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