Yack Fou: total German hotness

by Andy on September 21, 2006

Yack Fou is new to me, and I must say that I am very, very impressed. Impressed to the point were I’m not at all concerned that they’ve slapped their name on almost all their products!

There’s a lot of strong, bright and vibrant colours, combined with well-defined vector art based designs. The style creates some really modern and refreshing designs, I’ve been struglling to describe the style (so many rewrites!) but I think in some cases its almost as if they’ve taken web-design and transplanted it onto clothing (let’s hope MySpace don’t steal that idea…).

I wish I could tell you more about the brand, but I don’t really speak any German, though they did tell me that they are working on an English verision, and you’ll be able to work your way around quite easily (katalog=catalogue, shop=shop, need more?).

Costiness=€49.90 (sweaters) €54.90 (hoodie) URL

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    Really cool design….great post

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