A bit on the Side

by Andy on September 22, 2006

Sideline is a new-ish company out of the UK which offers talented young designers from around the world the opportunity to display their ideas on peoples chests. Nowadays that would usually mean a Threadless style contest, but they’ve gone down more of the Oddica route and are keeping it exclusive, very exclusive actually, they have just three designers at the moment. And those three designers are of a high calibre, I don’t know anything about their backgrounds but I do like all the tees. They all have a simple calmness to them, there isn’t too much colour, and the designs are too busy. They’ve also got some interesting placement options (so it’s not just on your chest!), which I always like to see, tees with everything in the middle can look a bit standard sometimes.

They also sell some artworks created exclusively for Sideline by Rob Malpensa, oh, and a skateboard deck that is probably meant to be hung on a wall rather than grinded on.

Costiness=£24 ($40 €40) URL

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