Diamonds Aren’t Forever

by Andy on September 25, 2006

I don’t really get it when websites have hidden items and secret sales, it just feels like they’re trying not to sell what they’ve spent time and money making. Although in the case of Owl Movement, I’m willing to make an exception, because I know they’re only keeping it on the down low since their new hoodie is seriously limited edition (ie, there isn’t that many of them available) and presumably they want to give loyal fans first dibs on getting one.

And even when they wanted me to know about it, it still took me rather a long time to find out where it was hidden. Whilst I am a nice guy, I’m not going to spoon-feed it all to you, so you’re going to have to find it yourself (coughlookatthetitlecough).

As hoodies go, it’s got a lot to get you hot under the collar, skulls, diamonds, and yes, even an all over print on the back (which I guess isn’t technically all-over, but that seems to be the term that ‘we’ use). The detail on the front with the skull design is contrasted nicely with the simple diamond background, which has a subtle look with the light blue print laid over the heather grey fabric.

In keeping with OM’s idea of keeping things hidden and secret, you’re going to have to click ‘read more’ to see some pics.

Costiness=$40 on American Apparel, URL


  • Larry

    Heh, it wasn’t that hard to find…

  • Andy

    Yeah, it was one of those head slapping moments when I found it, I was searching through really obscure sections of the site thinking it would be deeply hidden.

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