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October 2006

Soft Touch Reviews: innerTee

by Andy on October 30, 2006


About an hour before I left for France (about three weeks ago) the post turned up, and luckily for me there was a fresh tee from the guys (and gals, I’m not sure) at innerTee, which I promptly shoved into my already bursting suitcase and then kept forgetting to write about it, which is probably due to some designer based bashfulness. Because this tee is the first item on HYA that I actually designed myself… now don’t groan, I’m not trying to get you to buy something I designed, in fact I doubt that the tee will even be available when innerTee launch (date TBA).

If you aren’t familiar with innerTee, check out my preview from early October, then you will understand why innerTee is a bit different to most of the clothing sites I’ve reviewed.

Since I designed it, there’s not much point me describing what I think is good and bad, it was largely made up just to test the system, in terms of quality, colour, and placement, but the basic deal is that I wanted some kind of bird swooping in to land on a tree, and then I put a moose on the back for good measure.

The quality is absolutely top notch, with all the graphics having very sharp edges, even the tree with it’s detailed branches(which I added into my design as a test of the printing) and strong, bright colours. As you would imagine, the placement is exactly as I designed on the innerTee beta website (even Beta’s work sometimes!), I don’t know if that’s because computer’s are involved or because they’re just really careful when hand-crafting the tee, but I get the feeling it’s the latter.

One of the cooler aspects of the tee (if my design skills haven’t blown you away) is that innerTee have custom printing in the ‘tag area’ of the tee, which rather originally has the size of the tee incorporated into their logo. The printed labels are a nice touch, it lends credibility to a fledgling brand, and it’s pretty much the only way that they can put their logo on the tee without infringing on the user creativity that they’re trying very hard to preserve.

Costiness=$various (based upon use of elements on tee) URL

Close-up pics after the jump (why’s it called a jump anyway?)

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Ride that gosh darned Rockett

by Andy on October 26, 2006


For those of you that liked the skeleton hoodie from Waffo’s that was mentioned in July, but needed something a bit more gory/alive looking, then Karmaloop Kazbah newcomers (well, they’re pretty much all newcomers, aren’t they?) Rockett have got made a hoodie with guts.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a doctor, so I can’t really tell you how accurate the design is, though I’m pretty sure my intestines don’t have ‘get organized’ written on them, but the design is still cool, even though I’m not too sure about the horizontal stripes that run out at the sides.

Costiness=$60 URL (yet again, if you want 10/20% off your order, my affiliate code is AS7594)


Bean Dip rocks the Kazbah

by Andy on October 25, 2006


*Hey, it finally got sunny here in France so we got to take the boat out for a spin, good times!*

Can you believe I haven’t written anything about Karmaloop‘s Kazbah yet? It seems like a great way for small companies and new designers to get their name out to a much wider audience, without relinquishing control to a corporate overlord.

So I was happy to see that the guys from Bean Dip had got themselves on board and joined the prestigious roster of Kazbah brands, because they’ve ‘friends of HYA’ (also a prestigious club) for many months and they were the first people to send me a sample to review, which actually carried the same design as the hoodie I’m recommending today, so yes, I am recommending the same thing twice, but I freakin’ love rhe design, and this one’s different…. uhhh… it’s red. They’ve also added in a logo pattern onto the hood, which is a pretty subtle, so it shouldn’t annoy the logo-haters too much.

Costiness=$50 URL (not sure if my code works with the Kazbah, but try entering AS7594 to receive up to 20% off your order)


Threadless. $10. 2 Days.

by Andy on October 23, 2006

You know the drill, I tell you that everything at Threadless is $10 (except for Select tees which are down to $20), you get Thread-lust, you buy lots of tees.

So go on, fill that virtual shopping cart!


Attention all sneaker freaks

by Andy on October 23, 2006

I wouldn’t normally do this, but everyone’s best friend (google) isn’t helping me and I thought that you guys would probably know more about buying sneakers online than I do.

I’m trying to find a pair of Vans XL2’s (they might have Rowley and/or Slims in the name) in navy, grey & white, in a UK size 10 or 11 (which is US size 11 or 12). I wouldn’t usually buy the same pair of shoes, but I really like these ones (my current pair are worn through to the foam, so I can’t wear them anywhere that might be damp) and they’re really comfortable too, and I have dodgy ankles so comfort is a major factor to me.

So if anyone knows where I find a pair that would be awesome. Also, if you want to enlighten me and suggest some sites that have some good sneakers on them, comment away.

*Aha! The reason why I can’t find them is because the XLIII version is out… These ones look pretty much like what I have now, but I’d still love to get some feedback about good online shoe stores*

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When I came out to France for this job my family moved out about a week before the rest of the workers (because me and my Dad had to drive the van down, and I wanted a couple of days relaxation in Marseille), so I told the guys that if any mail came for me then could they please bring it out with them on the plane (though it is illegal to carry someone else’s mail without declaring it), and when the lads arrived I was greeted with a few presents. A European health card, a motor insurance form, and…. a tee from Spitefuls!

Marla from Spitefuls (who is actually very pleasant) sent me over a little package (with hand-drawn graphics on the
envelope), containing a super fresh tee, which is so new it isn’t even for sale yet, and some pink/black buttons with the depressing phrases I’ve come to expect from Spitefuls.

The tees are printed onto AA (this one is a ringer tee, really shows off the guns!) and the printing feels nice and soft, and I get the feeling it will be pretty durable. There’s print on both sides of the tee (text front, image back), and I must say I’m impressed by both sides, she’s picked a cool cowboy-movie inspired font for the front, and kept it fairly simple on the back with the streams of rain running down onto the umbrella (with the logo incorporated into the clouds for a little bit of branding).

I guess I should disclose that Spitefuls is an advertiser with the site, but that didn’t effect this review (I promise!).

Costiness=$18 (presumably, since the rest of the tees are that price) URL

More pics after the jump.

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It would seem that I just can’t keep away from blogging, since I’m writing this from France (hurrah for the client I’m working for having wifi).

It’s my own fault really, I told Alan from Burnswell that I would write about his tee site if sitting down at my laptop became more enticing than sitting on a beach. Then it started raining and hasn’t stopped since (I haven’t even taken the speed boat for a spin, yes, life is tough!)…

Burnswell employs employs the by-now familiar Threadless-esque model of design submission, except it isn’t a popularity contest, I think the Burnswell crew pick the design to their taste.

And what taste, their designs are top-notch, with their being a healthy mix between the comic and the thought-provoking, with the Batman and Robin design being several strokes of genius.

Since they’re the new kid on the block you can get 10% off your order by using the coupon code BRNS_OPEN.

Costiness=$15 URL

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Uncaged birds are cute as an Orange Button

by Andy on October 18, 2006


This hoodie is one for ‘the birds’ (geddit? Because I’m English and that’s what we call women sometimes when we’re down the pub supping warm ale), and the store owner can describe this waaaay more enthusiastically than I can:

You won’t know how you ever lived without this hoodie! Amazingly soft fleece hoodie with hand screen printed birds and bird cage. Both front and back are equally cute and irresistable!

Costiness=$50 URL


Aiight, it’s a zip-up from Scifen

by Andy on October 17, 2006


I can’t think of much to say about this hoodie other than that I like it, so enjoy some blurb:

A great new custom zip-up hood from Scifen, with a good strong color palette running thru them. The front features a ‘Scifen Aiight’ graphic done as a combination of felt appliques and chainstitch embroidery. Complimented nicely by the matching striped ribbing on the wrists and waist. Oversized hood. Zippers on the front pockets. Raglan cut sleeves. Tonal embroidered Scifen logo at the back under the hood.

Costiness=$75.00 URL


555 Soul – The Victory womens blazer

by Andy on October 16, 2006


You could be mistaken for thinking that this blazer was almost business-like, with it’s clean tailoring and the fact that it’s called ‘The Victory’ (now that’s what I call empowerment!). But that would be foolish, because on the back there’s some kick-ass silver decoration (with skulls) and some patches with Spanish writing on that I’m not even going to pretend I can translate.

Costiness=$89.99 URL (like I said all last week, use the code AS7594 for up 20% off your order)


Skeagle Hoodie in Heather Gray

by Andy on October 13, 2006


(hey look, it’s the same model as yesterday)

I don’t know what it is about the hipsters of the ‘net, but they sure do love Artful Dodger, and why cool with sharply designed hoodies like this one on sale. Also, check out the blurb that goes with it:

I do not know what a Skeagle is. I do not want to know what a Skeagle is. I do not need to know what a Skeagle is. This is what I know: no matter how cool you think your current hoody is it will never begin to approach the sheer radicalness of this one. Does yours have a strange top-hatted animal embroidered on the chest? No. Good. End of conversation.

ooooo-K, take that people who actually put an image on their hoodie!

Costiness=$110 URL (as ever, the affiliate code that gets you up to 20% off your order is AS7594)


Argyle Merino V-neck Sweater in Charcoal

by Andy on October 12, 2006


Le Tigre are a pretty cool brand, and whilst I’m not usually too hot on pink tops for guys (let’s leave that to Seth Cohen and Perez, I think this is a sweet sweater.

Costiness=$120 URL (use coupon code AS7594 for up to 20% off)


Obey – Black Bones & Chains womens hoodie

by Andy on October 11, 2006


This hoodie from Obey is pretty cool, with lots of detail in the print, though you may get lots of creepy dudes coming in for a bit too close of a look. And for all you comfort junkies, the inside of the hood is lined with satin!

Costiness=$56.00 URL (use coupon code AS7594 for up to 20% off)


Zut alors! (see you in a month)

by Andy on October 10, 2006

I am working in the South of France for a month and so am not able to regularly work on posts for this blog. Just so that you don’t forget about me there will be some automatically scheduled updates, mostly with items from Karmaloop and Digital Gravel.

I have been told that there will be internet access at the place where I am staying (I would probably die if I didn’t check my e-mail for a month), so feel free to e-mail me if you want your store promoting or to send me a sample, but please be aware that it might take me longer than usual to reply due to a rather hectic work schedule, and also that I will not be able to review samples until I return to the UK in the middle of November.

If you want to see how I’m getting on in Port Grimaud (near St. Tropez), I’ll try and chronicle it all at my personal blog,

*There is internet here, but the busy work schedule is keeping my internet time to a minimum, so apologies to all those who have sent e-mails and not received a reply promptly*


Space Invader Hoodie Indigo by Me&Yu

by Andy on October 9, 2006


Y’know that global game of putting Space Invader mosaics on walls in cities, I love stuff like that, even though I haven’t seen that many (here’s one I snapped in Amsterdam), which is one of the reasons why I like this hoodie. That, and Space Invaders is one of the most important games of all time…

Have some advertising blurb:

Handprinted distressed repeat image of Space Invader.

Me&yu is all about creating clothes you’ll love to wear that have a feel-good factor about them. When you order a Me&yu item your order will be confirmed and a delivery date arranged usually within 7 days of placing the order. Remember we don’t have stock – each item is made especially for you!

Costiness=£40 URL


The Recycled Revolution Blazer

by Andy on October 6, 2006


Can you believe I haven’t ran a blazer yet, it’s been 9 freakin’ months!

Blazer’s have became increasingly popular as clothes for nights out when I was at univeristy, it’s pretty interesting that people are slowly bringing smarter clothes down to a more casual level. Hmmmm, maybe I’m just getting more mature…

This blazer by 555 Soul is more casual than smart casual, well, maybe semi-smart-casual, but I guess that’s what you get when you try to recreate soviet-era clothing by using ‘random patches around jacket’ and providing some Ruskie-esque pins as standard.

Costiness=$144 URL Use coupon code AS7594 for 20% off (on a first time purchase, 10% off for existing users)


There’s blood on your hands!

by Andy on October 5, 2006


This hoodie doesn’t employ blood in as provocative way as the Intramural Zombie Hunting League, but it’s still pretty cool, and they’ve worked the logo in nicely. There’s also some little hearts integrated for good measure, in case it just wasn’t emo enough for you yet.

Also, Homeless clothing has a few items on sale at the moment (tees just $10), so check those out.

Costiness=$20 URL


innerTee: beta preview

by Andy on October 4, 2006


Question: Is there a company that combines the crowdsourcing of Threadless, customisation of Spreadshirt, and the artist rewarding attitude of Oddica?

Answer: No, but soon there will be, when when innerTee finally unleashes itself upon the public.

I’ve been looking forward to writing about innerTee (IT) for a while, mostly because they’ve been in development for a rather long time, but also because I think they’ve got a really promising model that could prove to be very popular with both designers and consumers.

The preview is pretty big (and laden with many pics) so please click through to read the rest.

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A Finch lover’s dream

by Andy on October 3, 2006


Atticus is pretty mainstream in the US (right?), but here in the UK it tends to be worn mostly by emo scenesters, so it’s got a bit pigeon-holed in terms of the stores that stock the brand and the kind of people that buy it, which is unfortunate because they make some really cool stuff that I’m sure people outside of the Dashboard Confessional set would like.

This hoodie is a great example, if it didn’t have the distinctive mockingbird on it, you’d easily be able to mistake it as a hoodie made on a limited run by one of the usual companies that grace the pages of HYA. Funnily enough, I’d say that the hoodie is actually let down more by the constraints placed upon because they have to use the mockingbird, it just doesn’t feel very natural the way it has been placed.

Costiness=£49.99 URL

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Social Propaganda: Karate Fall hoodie

by Andy on October 2, 2006


Dammit, I meant to write about this aaages ago, but it must have slipped through my link-list somehow…

Social Propaganda was started “in the not so distant past” by some friends from all across the US, and whilst I don’t exactly know the logistics of the operation, their designs don’t seem to have suffered from having a widespread staff. You would have thought that with a name like Social Propaganda there would be a political slant to their designs, but I can’t really find anything noticeable, just a load of really wearable tees.

The ‘Karate Fall’ hoodie is the only arm-hider on their roster at the moment, and I think it’s pretty cool, even though I don’t understand the relationship between karate and ‘fall’ (just call it Autumn, it’s a much nicer word!).

Costiness=$40 URL

Cassidy from SP has been very kind and set us up with a coupon code. Use hideyourarms to get free shipping*

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