This fire is out of control, we’re gonna burn this city

by Andy on October 20, 2006


It would seem that I just can’t keep away from blogging, since I’m writing this from France (hurrah for the client I’m working for having wifi).

It’s my own fault really, I told Alan from Burnswell that I would write about his tee site if sitting down at my laptop became more enticing than sitting on a beach. Then it started raining and hasn’t stopped since (I haven’t even taken the speed boat for a spin, yes, life is tough!)…

Burnswell employs employs the by-now familiar Threadless-esque model of design submission, except it isn’t a popularity contest, I think the Burnswell crew pick the design to their taste.

And what taste, their designs are top-notch, with their being a healthy mix between the comic and the thought-provoking, with the Batman and Robin design being several strokes of genius.

Since they’re the new kid on the block you can get 10% off your order by using the coupon code BRNS_OPEN.

Costiness=$15 URL

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