Attention all sneaker freaks

by Andy on October 23, 2006

I wouldn’t normally do this, but everyone’s best friend (google) isn’t helping me and I thought that you guys would probably know more about buying sneakers online than I do.

I’m trying to find a pair of Vans XL2’s (they might have Rowley and/or Slims in the name) in navy, grey & white, in a UK size 10 or 11 (which is US size 11 or 12). I wouldn’t usually buy the same pair of shoes, but I really like these ones (my current pair are worn through to the foam, so I can’t wear them anywhere that might be damp) and they’re really comfortable too, and I have dodgy ankles so comfort is a major factor to me.

So if anyone knows where I find a pair that would be awesome. Also, if you want to enlighten me and suggest some sites that have some good sneakers on them, comment away.

*Aha! The reason why I can’t find them is because the XLIII version is out… These ones look pretty much like what I have now, but I’d still love to get some feedback about good online shoe stores*

  • http://vansxl2s erin

    Did you ever find these? I’m looking for them also. My boyfriend loves these shoes but he needs them in a 13. They don’t even make the new xl3 in that size!

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