How can I be Spiteful when I wake up next to the sea?

by Andy on October 23, 2006



When I came out to France for this job my family moved out about a week before the rest of the workers (because me and my Dad had to drive the van down, and I wanted a couple of days relaxation in Marseille), so I told the guys that if any mail came for me then could they please bring it out with them on the plane (though it is illegal to carry someone else’s mail without declaring it), and when the lads arrived I was greeted with a few presents. A European health card, a motor insurance form, and…. a tee from Spitefuls!

Marla from Spitefuls (who is actually very pleasant) sent me over a little package (with hand-drawn graphics on the
envelope), containing a super fresh tee, which is so new it isn’t even for sale yet, and some pink/black buttons with the depressing phrases I’ve come to expect from Spitefuls.

The tees are printed onto AA (this one is a ringer tee, really shows off the guns!) and the printing feels nice and soft, and I get the feeling it will be pretty durable. There’s print on both sides of the tee (text front, image back), and I must say I’m impressed by both sides, she’s picked a cool cowboy-movie inspired font for the front, and kept it fairly simple on the back with the streams of rain running down onto the umbrella (with the logo incorporated into the clouds for a little bit of branding).

I guess I should disclose that Spitefuls is an advertiser with the site, but that didn’t effect this review (I promise!).

Costiness=$18 (presumably, since the rest of the tees are that price) URL

More pics after the jump.




  • Pat Megroin

    I just wanted to say that my Free Paris shirt from ROCKS.

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