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by Andy on October 30, 2006


About an hour before I left for France (about three weeks ago) the post turned up, and luckily for me there was a fresh tee from the guys (and gals, I’m not sure) at innerTee, which I promptly shoved into my already bursting suitcase and then kept forgetting to write about it, which is probably due to some designer based bashfulness. Because this tee is the first item on HYA that I actually designed myself… now don’t groan, I’m not trying to get you to buy something I designed, in fact I doubt that the tee will even be available when innerTee launch (date TBA).

If you aren’t familiar with innerTee, check out my preview from early October, then you will understand why innerTee is a bit different to most of the clothing sites I’ve reviewed.

Since I designed it, there’s not much point me describing what I think is good and bad, it was largely made up just to test the system, in terms of quality, colour, and placement, but the basic deal is that I wanted some kind of bird swooping in to land on a tree, and then I put a moose on the back for good measure.

The quality is absolutely top notch, with all the graphics having very sharp edges, even the tree with it’s detailed branches(which I added into my design as a test of the printing) and strong, bright colours. As you would imagine, the placement is exactly as I designed on the innerTee beta website (even Beta’s work sometimes!), I don’t know if that’s because computer’s are involved or because they’re just really careful when hand-crafting the tee, but I get the feeling it’s the latter.

One of the cooler aspects of the tee (if my design skills haven’t blown you away) is that innerTee have custom printing in the ‘tag area’ of the tee, which rather originally has the size of the tee incorporated into their logo. The printed labels are a nice touch, it lends credibility to a fledgling brand, and it’s pretty much the only way that they can put their logo on the tee without infringing on the user creativity that they’re trying very hard to preserve.

Costiness=$various (based upon use of elements on tee) URL

Close-up pics after the jump (why’s it called a jump anyway?)





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