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November 2006

Ain’t sain’ I’m a grave digga

by Andy on November 30, 2006


Well, I guess you must have expected me to write about the ‘Dead Serious’ hoodie from LRG, and what kind of hoodie-blogger would I be if I didn’t pass comment on ‘the most hyped hoodie of all time’?

For starters, this hoodie is SOLD OUT at Karmaloop (their stock lasted about 4 hours), and probably everywhere else on the net, so I’ll keep my ear to the ground and post a notice when I hear that they’re available again. Here’s the blurb:

The details are sick, a glow in the dark anatomically correct skeleton printed on the back and the front, covered by the rib cage is a broken heart with subtle repeat stenciling that says rotten, just like you to the core. But nothing tops the full zip hoody, with mesh eye holes so you can rock the full skull head and still not bump into walls. And check the gold fronts skeletor has nothing on this dude!

For what it’s worth, I think it’s a good hoodie, but I don’t think that it’s so deserving of the hype, does Kanye West really influence people’s clothing decisions that much? There’s a lot of skeleton hoodie’s around, and quite a lot of them suck, so it’s good to see that LRG have actually made a hoodie that tries something new in an already well covered area, the full-zip really helps to take the design to the next level (Anticon do a plainer full-zip if you like the style). But I would say that $260 is a fair old chunk of change when it isn’t Halloween for another 11 months.

Costiness=$260 URL



I’m not the most organised guy, I can admit that, but forgetting to post about a brand for more than a month is pretty stupid, which is why it looks as if I’m a bit late finding out about San Francisco based label Gold Coin.

They’re currently selling their graffiti and ‘urban vinyl toy’ inspired designs at the Karmaloop Kazbah, and I think they compliment the roster well by adding in something a bit different. The hoodies aren’t really something I’d wear myself, since I usually prefer something a bit more subtle (like I’ve said, white is not my colour), but I’m sure that there’s lots of people out the that like this kind of style, that means you Shimone!

Also, to sweeten the deal a bit more (and to help you mentally justify the price), GCs designs are seriously limited in their editions, for example, there’s only 25 of the above hoodie in the whole world, so chance are you will never see anyone wearing it, but imagine how awesome it would be if you did?

Costiness=$140 URL

As ever, if you want up to 20% off this item, please use the following code: AS7594


New collection at Dylan & Kelsea

by Andy on November 29, 2006


Dylan & Kelsea are a British company that make ‘strictly’ limited edition surfwear, now I’m sure most of you are wondering just how successful a surfwear company can be when it’s based on my rainy little island. Well, us Brits are made of strong stuff and surfing is actually pretty big, and in the same way that the Brits buy more convertible cars than our hotter European neighbours, we all seem to love surf-inspired clothing regardless of whether we intend to stand on a board.

This has to be good for D&K, and in turn its good for us because it means that hopefully they’ll be turning out quality designs for a long time to come. There’s a real emphasis upon quality, whether it’s the short runs (up to 100 pieces), or the by-hand distressing and dying process which makes every tee unique. The small size of the current collection (5 designs) also ensures that there’s no filler pieces. The designs are bold and bright, which is surprising considering they have a vintage look, although if you’re a hater of companies that put their name on their designs then you probably won’t be a fan of D&K, but there is still a lot of style to the use of the name, so it isn’t as much of a crime as with most companies. In terms of price, you pay for what you get with a small-run British company, coming in at £25.

Go take a look at Dylan & Kelsea


People Like Us make awesome tees

by Andy on November 29, 2006


So, guess you’ll be expecting some balanced journalism, eh?

PLU, a collective of rather talented Sydney-based designers and artists, have got a new site (super classy, has wood paneling), and to celebrate this momentous occasion they’re having a sale. I’m not sure how much money is off since they’re about $30 a piece, but the design quality is well above average so I don’t think they’re too expensive when you think about it.

I like the amount of blurb that you get with each design (don’t worry I won’t slack off today and start quoting), there’s an overview of the tee, background of the designer, and then some notes on the design itself. I know it doesn’t really mean much to the average person on the street that just wants to wear something that looks good, but people stop we way too often asking about my tees and not being able to explain designs kind of undermines my credibility as ‘that guy that wears cool tees’.

They’ve also got a cool promotion on where you get 10% off your order if you are sending it as a gift, you’ve got to like a company who reward generosity with generosity.

People Like Us Collective


Bedlam Clothing loses mind sells shirts for $6

by Andy on November 28, 2006


Now I know you come here because you’re drawn to my writing skills, but is there really much more that I can say about this sale that isn’t already plainly obvious. Although I would say one thing, these tees aren’t printed on some super-cheap stock, they’re American Apparel, so the $6 is acrually less than the cost of the tee. You might as well pick up a couple while they stocks last, because I can’t see them dropping the prices this low again for a long while, if ever, as I’m sure selling at a loss isn’t a good business model.

Bedlam Clothing


Little White Scouting Hood

by Andy on November 27, 2006


I know it’s getting colder and that dresses aren’t really a warm option in December (y’know, if you’re in the best hemisphere!), but when I found this hoodie/dress on Stylehive I thought it was really cool, even if I personally wouldn’t wear it, mostly because I don’t like to wear white…

I for one think this is pretty innovative, it’s safe to presume that someone has made a dress with a hood before, but I ain’t seen one, and this has a bit of design flair to it, like the, ahem, flared sleeves. Despite what I said about it perhaps being a bit cool for a dress, the designers disagree, proclaiming that it’s “the perfect layer with boots for fall!” But I guess you can where whatever you want whenever you want when you live in LA.

Costiness=$198 URL


Water, water, everywhere…

by Andy on November 25, 2006


So, I bought a Banksy book today (and Freakonomics, geeky! ), and thought that I might try and theme my post around graffiti, so I started hunting down a hoodie with some kind of graffiti style to it, but most of them blew harder than Glitter, luckily I found this really cool hoodie from Palis whilst on my e-travels and thought “who needs a theme, the people want quality and dammit, that’s what they’re gonna get!”

And so that was how I came to post a hoodie with a big tsunami and sneakers on it. The detail looks absolutely superb, although having such a large image, especially on a white hoodie, might not be to some people’s taste. If you look at the detailed pics on the Karmaloop page you’ll see that there’s some cool red crosses stitched in on the top right seam, which doesn’t really fit with the design, but is a nice touch on its own.

Costiness=$55 $110 URL

If it isn’t already seared into your mind from previous posts, you can save yourself up to 20% by using the following code at the checkout: AS7594

P.S. Could an arty type tell me which artist was the inspiration for the big wave in the design?


Gas up the tanks, it’s sale season

by Andy on November 24, 2006

I haven’t really been taking notice of ‘Black Friday’ bargains, since it will just get me jealous of Americans getting an Xbox 360 for $100 but at least Full Armor clothing have got in on the action and are dropping 60% off their prices for a period of 24 hours (from 9AM EST Friday to 9AM EST Saturday), so if you find yourself awake at 4 in the morning, as I frequently do, and have a hoodie itch to scratch, well, ummm, you can buy it cheap.

So all of their hoodies are down from $50 to $20, which I’m sure you’ll agree is a pretty sweet deal.

Don’t hate me for this, but here’s a new affiliate code for you to get your teeth into: Full Armor Clothing


Gnome sweet gnome, but it’s still raining

by Andy on November 24, 2006


Seriously, every day since I got back from France it’s rained, what’s the deal with that?

I know I’ve been neglecting the ladies for a while, so I thought I’d open the windows and get the testosterone out of the room by posting this ri-goshdarn-diculously cute hoodie from dELiAs.

Whilst I’m not really into impressed the white patterned material and red piping at the top (is this the Snow White streetwear line?) I freakin’ LOVE the little gnome popping out of the pocket, and then the flowers as thought bubbles really top it off.

Costiness=$44.50 URL

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innerTee: (again)

by Andy on November 23, 2006

I’ve never known a tee company spend so much time in pre-beta and beta, but it looks as if innerTee might be edging ever closer to getting out of beta and into the wild.

The big news is a site redesign, pretty much everything seems to have changed, and whilst I was a fan of the original, I’d say that the new version is a big improvement. The graphics are a mixture of hand drawn text and smooth graffiti style art. Basically, it’s hawwwt.

They’ve also got a buy one get one free sale going on, so you can really play about with their art (which has also been kicked up a notch) and mixing software and pick up a bargain at the same time.


Catch me, I’m a Falling Angel

by Andy on November 22, 2006


To be honest, I hadn’t taken a good look at Enclothe for a while, even though I see them popping up there in the advertising box every so often. I really should check in more often, because just because Enclothe has been around for longer than most tee companies on the net does not mean that their designs have gone stale.

This Fallen Angel hoodie looks great, although I would have liked it if the detailed picture actually had a detail of the print rather than the front of the hoodie, because I think the angel looks cool, but I’d like to give a better look. Here’s the blurb:

..And I cast you down from the heavens, for you are not of the flesh of man nor beast, and your vessel carries no soul. Go forth and labor under the will of man, for that is your destiny as a fallen angel, for all of eternity.

… way over my head…

Costiness=$35 URL


Cotton Filter: 221106

by Andy on November 22, 2006

There’s been a couple of things in my inbox today, so I thought I’d pass them on before I write up a ‘real’ post.

Go Ape: Three new tees available after a quiet couple of months, and I love them all. The Boo Boo Walker hoodies are still available as well, and Go Ape clothing now features customised tags, no pics of them yet, but they sound cool.

Enclothe: Derek needs to clear out stock for new products in ’07, so he’s running a winter sale, with most tees down to $13. Enclothe now has a blog with some pretty cool links and store updates, check it out.

Secret Handshake: They’re having a secret sale where ALL of their tees are $15, problem is, it’s just for people on the mailing list, so I guess I shouldn’t give you the super secret sale URL, but maybe if enough people add themselves to the mailing list in the next couple of days then they’ll send out a reminder.


Cotton Filter: 211106

by Andy on November 21, 2006

There seems to be a lot of sales and news coming in at the moment, so here’s a roundup:

: Place an order before December 18th and you won’t pay a dime for shipping. Us international folks will pay $6, which is lower than usual. The new fall and winter line is still available, though stock is getting pretty low on most items.

Blame Clothing: Big, big, big sale going down to clear out stock before the new line drops, everything is crazy cheap, with some tee’s down to $8, and belts down to a waist-pleasing $6.

Akomplice Clothing
: Blogger’s seem to be going crazy that ACs new line will be available across the globe this week, I can see why, so I’ll be taking a closer look some time in the future (perhaps with an interview too), they’ll also be added to the roster at Digital Gravel too, but I can’t see them on there yet.

Owl Movement: Not exactly the hugest saving of the year, but 2 OM tees for $36 is still a pretty sweet deal. The sale runs till December 15th. Also, their robot hoodie is back in stock (and presumably still looking good).

Young Lovers: This Sydney based street-label has just released their 2007 line of tees. They’re hot.



The Black Russian Crest Hoody by Subscript

by Andy on November 21, 2006

russian crest subscript.jpg

Usually I’m not too into hoodies with crests on them, it all feels a bit country club for my liking, but when Subscript bust out a hoodie with this much detail I have to sit up and take notice. The only thing that disappoints me is the artificial distressing of the fabric, on the front it looks pretty good, but on the back it looks a bit unnecessary and messy, but I usually take issue with ‘distressed’ fabric, so take that view with a grain of salt.

Costiness=$88 URL

Get up to 20% off at Karmaloop (and help HYA pay for its’ hosting) by using the following affilate code at the checkout: AS7594



by Andy on November 18, 2006


Shockingly, I’m not very well versed in the workings of Dancehall music. I know that it’s from Jamaica, I know that one of the Queeniest Dancehall Queens is Japanese, and I know that dancing to Dancehall music would most likely lead to an injury on my part. That’s a pretty short list, but I can now add something to it,I know that flyers for Dancehall clubs look cool when they’re printed onto the back of a hoodie. Since it’s Friday I’m sure you’ll forgive me for using the Digital Gravel blurb (especially if it helps us skip the awkward moment where I attempt to work out what ‘riddims; are…):

SELECTOR! brings you some of the most classic and celebrated riddims on the map, done in the style of a dancehall flyer. The large and distressed print features such bonafide riddims as ‘Satta-a-masagana,’ ‘Sleng Teng,’ ‘Full-Up,’ and many more all done in an impressive array of typefaces, surrounded by stars with a crown in the center and the brand logo at the top. The front is completely blank and the print is on the back, for a refreshingly different look. Fits about a size to a half size large.

Have a good weekend.

Costiness=$62 URL


Welcome home tee lovers, it’s Indie Threads

by Andy on November 16, 2006


I know what you’re thinking, what on earth am I doing promoting a(nother) social network?

Well, it’s because Indie Threads is designed for people like me, and by extension, people like you. And what are we you might ask? Lovers of high-quality independent clothing labels.

Indie Threads, the brainchild of Brad from Quixotic Clothing, is in it’s very early days, but shows a lot of potential. Members declare themselves as a ‘shop’ or a ‘fan’ during sign-up, then you create a profile (which I hope don’t get ruined by MySpace memes), after which you can yourself into some profile-on-profile action by declaring that you are a fan of certain people or shops, which basically means you want to be their friend.

There is also a blog, which will presumably serve as the mouthpiece for site updates as well as the more traditional posting of a tee blog (whaaa!!! another competitor!). Other features include contests, featured stores, and interviews. The current interview is with David from Seibei, it’s an interesting read, but I love reading David’s blog so I would enjoy it, wouldn’t I?

So sign yourself up and tell me you love me at my rather threadbare profile.

Full disclosure: Quixotic Clothing is a non-paying advertiser on Hide Your Arms.

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Kindred Spirits stay behind the scenes

by Andy on November 16, 2006


I’m pretty sure that this hoodie is a HYA first, unless my eyes are deceiving me. Is the design really on the inside of the hoodie?

Admittedly, I’m more into their tee’s (which are fantastic), but when I saw such an interesting hoodie I just had to mention it. I wish that there was a higher quality image of it on the Kindred site, but from what I can tell it has a design reminiscent of a club crest or emblem. And I guess that’s a sew on patch on the front with the ‘k’ logo on it.

So it’s a cool hoodie, but do you really want to buy something which no one can see the coolest part of, or is that what makes it great in the first place?

Costiness=$60.00 URL

[Thanks to Les for the tip-off]


Shut up and listen to Divine Clothing

by Andy on November 15, 2006


I know that cassette’s on hoodies isn’t exactly a new idea, and was covered on these hallowed pages back in the summer, I still love it as an image, and clearly a lot of designers feel the same way.

The design from Divine Clothing is fairly similar to the others that you’d find with a quick search of the almighty G, but it is done with a nice style, and the text is worked in nicely (so it probably shouldn’t annoy the text haters), and each hoodie is printed to order and by hand, so each version is unique.

Costiness=$30 (pullover) $35 (zip up) URL


This is just Thread-iculous

by Andy on November 15, 2006

Threadless, the ever-popular purveyor of tee’s is having another of it’s infamous sales (wasn’t the last sale about a fortnight ago? have you ever bought anything from them at full price?), and this one is longer than any other I can remember, as there is 29 days left in what they have dubbed their ’30 Days of Threadless $10 Holiday Sale’.

Funny thing is, that isn’t the big news, they’re also running one of their biggest contests ever, and you even need to be a vector art maestro to enter! The prize is… wait for it… every design they print in 2007, which will apparently be more than 550 t-shirts, perhaps they winner should also be given an IKEA gift voucher so that they can buy a new wardrobe.

Go to the Loves Threadless page to enter (and you get entered an extra time for each tee you buy, which makes me feel a bit ‘ick’), oh, and look at Zach Braff too!

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Destroy the Aqua Sky, man the cannons!

by Andy on November 14, 2006


I’ve returned from France and no longer have any excuses for letting you down in terms of quality posts, so expect some exciting new stuff in the coming weeks.

So how’s about a print-and-patch mashup to get you going for the week? This hoodie from 28 Black has got quite a lot going on, all revolving around a nautical theme. There’s the tattoo style graphic on the shoulder, a large galleon-style ship image dominating the back, what looks like a couple of holes (with fabric under them) on the back right shoulder, and some creative use of stitching. It’s done in a vintage style, and yet retains vibrancy within the colours and clarity of image. And it’s aqua, everyone loves aqua, right?

Costiness=£50 URL


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