Shut up and listen to Divine Clothing

by Andy on November 15, 2006


I know that cassette’s on hoodies isn’t exactly a new idea, and was covered on these hallowed pages back in the summer, I still love it as an image, and clearly a lot of designers feel the same way.

The design from Divine Clothing is fairly similar to the others that you’d find with a quick search of the almighty G, but it is done with a nice style, and the text is worked in nicely (so it probably shouldn’t annoy the text haters), and each hoodie is printed to order and by hand, so each version is unique.

Costiness=$30 (pullover) $35 (zip up) URL

  • Bill

    Haha, damn. Theirs is so much better than mine. Thanks alot for posting this Andy and its good to see that you didn’t take much of a break from posting.

  • Andy

    I like yours too, Bill, even though they’ve got a similar image and both do the pulled out tape thing I see them as being quite different. In my opinion they manage to draw different emotive reactions (probably delving a bit deep here).

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