by Andy on November 18, 2006


Shockingly, I’m not very well versed in the workings of Dancehall music. I know that it’s from Jamaica, I know that one of the Queeniest Dancehall Queens is Japanese, and I know that dancing to Dancehall music would most likely lead to an injury on my part. That’s a pretty short list, but I can now add something to it,I know that flyers for Dancehall clubs look cool when they’re printed onto the back of a hoodie. Since it’s Friday I’m sure you’ll forgive me for using the Digital Gravel blurb (especially if it helps us skip the awkward moment where I attempt to work out what ‘riddims; are…):

SELECTOR! brings you some of the most classic and celebrated riddims on the map, done in the style of a dancehall flyer. The large and distressed print features such bonafide riddims as ‘Satta-a-masagana,’ ‘Sleng Teng,’ ‘Full-Up,’ and many more all done in an impressive array of typefaces, surrounded by stars with a crown in the center and the brand logo at the top. The front is completely blank and the print is on the back, for a refreshingly different look. Fits about a size to a half size large.

Have a good weekend.

Costiness=$62 URL

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