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November 2006

Holy Carp, it’s an Orange Button

by Andy on November 11, 2006


This post is totally phoned in because tomorrow I set off on the epic van drive back to the UK, it’s over 1000 miles by road (with an overnight ferry journey) and the only other person in the van can’t drive… what’s the French for “can I have a case of Red Bull please?”

Finally, slick elbow patches on a stylish hoody! This men’s zip-up hoody is perfect for everyday. One fish swims out of the left pocket and two fish swim down the back right shoulder. To top off the design we have hand cut and hand sewn corduroy elbow patches. All patches are sewn with contrast thread to accentuates the fish design.

Costiness=$80 URL

*Commenter Ryan found it for $72 straight from aTAYLORdesign, and caught me out for posting the a different version of this hoodie a while back*


Calm down, calm down

by Andy on November 7, 2006


Every so often Threadless drop some hoodies into the mix, usually in Autumn (because no one buys hoodies in the summer, not even me!), and they’re usually bought quicker than fresh baguettes at the boulangerie.

Whilst I’m not too hot on their choice of designs, it’s good to see them putting designs on something other than tees (and ties and wallpaper) and give people the opportunity to show off their Thread-tasticness even when it’s a bit chilly.

Costiness=$40 URL


This is the modern age

by Andy on November 6, 2006


Seriously, how awesome is the Karmaloop Kazbah? Despite being a relatively new weapon in the special K’s arsenal, it already holds a veritable goldmine of great hoodies (amongst other things).

One of which is this oddly haunting Lincoln/Kennedy mashup hoodie from Art in the Age. I’m guessing that they were chosen because they were both assassinated, or maybe the designer just couldn’t find a good picture of Chester A. Arthur…

*According to a conspiratorial commenter, the images are because of a theory called the Kennedy-Lincoln Connection

The use of the zip to split the image is a good way of getting around what could have been an awkward aspect of the image, and sticking to white only printing makes sense, and would presumably make the images look all the more vintage since the hoodie is brown.

Costiness=$70 URL

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Ahhhh, outsourcing

by Andy on November 3, 2006

I’ve moved out of the work house for a couple of days (my room is getting painted) and am currently in a hotel in a little town called Arles, there is WiFi but it’s pretty slow, not because of the service provided by the good people of Best Western, but because we’re on the 4th floor. Anyway, I’m off on a tangent, I don’t really have time to write a post at the moment, but ThisNext have a great hoodie-based article today that if filled to the brim with everyone’s favourite sleeved garment. And yes, I do have a rather larger paragraph than most other people in the article, don’t I?

Check out the ThisNext article here.


Cotton Filter: 011106

by Andy on November 2, 2006

Just a quick news round-up tonight:

Monstar Clothing: How precious and hand crafted is your MySpace top 8? Well, if you’re willing to put Monstar in your top 8(until Nov. 30th) and send them a message telling them about it then you will have the chance of winning one of their totally awesome Skully Drip tees.

Invicid: New season now available for sale, with a couple of really cool hoodies in the mix.

False: If you didn;t manage to get your hands on anything from their second season then you can rejoice, because they restocked a few days ago (and they have a sexy halloween collaboration promo pic).

Toke: I know I’m weeks behind the blogging pack on this one, so mine will be the faintest echo in the chamber, but these guys are putting out some great limited edition designs and I bet you won’t mind looking around that very usable site of theirs just once more.


Flying Coffin hoodie from Krudmart

by Andy on November 1, 2006


Well, here’s the nigh-on obligatory Halloween themed post, with a logo hoodie from ‘Flying Coffin’, available through krudmart. I was awoken early this morning by the sound of drills (which seemed like they may break into my room at any moment) so instead of turning into a zombie myself I’ll just let the picture do the talking and let you get back to eating chocolate that you stole from some kids on th street.

Costiness=$84 URL

P.S. the French seem to go crazy for halloween, there were kids dressed up all over the place, and the supermakret was covered in cobwebs (thankfully the spray-on variety).


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