Backseat Kisses just got cheaper

by Andy on December 2, 2006


Y’know, even though they get pretty much zero love from anyone else on the net, and they’re aimed more at the cowgirls more than the cowboys, I still think that Backstreet Kiss is one of my favourite clothes stores on the net (and not just because I think their model is cute and want her sunglasses). The designs all have a professional polish to them whilst still retaining a tongue-in-cheek simplicity that reminds me of British childrens cartoons from the 80s.

Anyway, they’re having a sale on their packages. The packages are a selection of designers (mixed between tees and hoodies) and all come with a tote bag. Savings range from $12 to $21, and since your order is over $40 (because all the packages are above that) you’ll get a free sticker or some buttons.

Costiness=$59-79 URL

  • David

    Oh dang, I think Divine Clothing might want to take a look at Backseat Kiss’ mixtape hoodie, because the mixtape hoodie they recently released is essentially the exact same hoodie with less color. I doubt anyone’s ripping off anyone; I think it’s more of a “50 monkeys at a typewriter eventually writing shakespeare” type thing, but still, bummer.

  • Andy

    Yeah, Bill knows about the BK one, I’ve actually featured them both in the past (it’s a cool image) but there’s loads of items in that style out there so neither of them think they’re ripping/getting ripped.

  • David

    *phew* awesome awesome awesome.

  • Noddy

    I’m a fan of BK and clearly so are some people at my university as I left my BK hoody lying on a lecture theatre seat one afternoon, came back 35 minutes later (having realised i’d left it) and it was GONE.

    I hope whoever has it now is enjoying it!

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