Cotton Filter: 041206

by Andy on December 4, 2006

Doing a post on a Sunday? I just can’t get the news to y’all quick enough:

Preshrunk: It looks as if Jason is back in the tee blogging game and decided to kick things off with a new design and slogan (“cover your shame”), time to put it back on your daily reads list.

Beezo California: They’ve got a sale going on for the holidays, all their tees are down to $15, and there’s been a couple of additions to the line-up since I last checked in (nice thong, guys!).

Shirt Stain: The sales just keep on coming, SS are doing two tees for $20, just $5 more than buying one tee. They’re printed on American Apparel and the new designs are freakin’ awesome.

LRG Dead Serious Availability: I hate when people sell sought-after items on eBay as much as the next guy, but I figured that since this hoodie is in such demand that I might as well post a link. At the moment there is quite a few available and they seem to be going for more than $300 (the original price on Karmaloop was $260).

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