Danger! it’s Taylor!

by Andy on December 5, 2006


It’s pretty rare that I’ll post something from an Etsy shop, not because I have anything against Etsy, I just don’t go on there very much, which is silly ‘cos there’s a bus load of quality products on there…

… much like this hoodie by a young designer called Taylor Russ (yeah, it sound the wrong way round to me too, but kids these days…), he may only have one item in his store but it’s a great start.

It’s a great hoodie, with a cimplimentary colour palette, subtle integration of text, a bizarre giant eye on the side of the hood, and a rather electric looking bit of ‘Danger!’ text on the front. In that respect it’s kinda stealth, like you walk up to someone wearing it and it’s just a regular asphalt hoodie with the word danger on it, and then thay turn around and BAM! there’s some patterns in your face. Also, the detail looks really impressive.

Taylor is also accepting orders via e-mail if you would prefer to pay by PayPal (or you just don’t want to use Etsy for some reason). You can e-mail him at the following e-mail address and he’ll sort you out: russ.comma.danger [at] gmail [dot] com (btw, that’s the word ‘comma’ not the punctuation mark)

Costiness=$45 URL

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