Don’t slip up on Roarin’ Euphony

by Andy on December 6, 2006


This hoodie isn’t actually on sale yet, but you can get your orders in on the presale if you really like it.

This hoodie is another of those stealth hoodies that I seem to be so fond of, y’know the ones that seem really pedestrian till something pops out at you. Like if I was wearing this hoodie and it was zipped up, you’d think “dang, what’s Andy doing in something so plain, him and interesting hoodies are BFFs”

And then KAPOW! I unzip and you get lost in magic that is the Andy Warhol pink banana print in the silk(ish) lining on the inside of the hoodie. I mean take a look at it, it just screams quality, and silk(-esque polyester lining? That just screams class, not that classy things scream. You should also check out the rest of Roarin’ Euphony’s collection, I can honestly say that I would buy almost everything they offer if my wallet miraculously became stuffed with $50s.

Costiness=$125 (shipping included) URL

  • street’ed7

    pretty dope

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