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by Andy on December 7, 2006

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No 2 year old picture of me, that promotional map from NATO simply isn’t detailed enough to help us in The Hunt! Although I am actually quite close to 2 of the locations…..

Wondering what on earth I’m talking about? Read on…

Essentially, ‘The Hunt‘ is geocaching, except with tee’s instead of the usual little packages that you find at sites. I must admit that the two times I’ve attempted to find a geocache I’ve failed miserably (even though one of them was at a waterfall that was about half a mile from my house, I blame it on using a car sat nav for my coordinates). When you find the cache you’re meant to take the tee that’s there and leave another tee, which is a cool idea, except people aren’t all the same size, so a guy in Munich found a cache he left a gift certificate for his tee store (not exactly in the spirit, but a good gesture).

Unless you live in a major city then you probably won’t be able to go hunting, but I guess you’ll just have to console yourself that you don’t live in smog!

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that this promo from Spreadshirt hasn’t really had much, ummmm, promo-ing from the blog community (though Josh Spear picked it up yesterday), which is really surprising because it’s one of those weird things that can only happen with the internet.

Join the Hunt

  • adam

    Cheers for the writeup Andy. I was kind of curious to see how far it could spread virally. It turns out not very far, I should prob have plugged it more :)

    The La Fraise guys went crazy for it

  • cris

    I like the idea, takes the internet into the real world. I ll pick it up eventhough it might be a bit late …

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