Naive’s Fall collection rocks!

by Andy on December 12, 2006


I couldn’t really think of a clever title for this post, despite the scope that the term ‘naive’ gives me, and I was gonna drop the F-bomb but I don’t know whether I would be offending anyone (there’s an idea for an obscure poll!), so I just laid it out simply. The new releases from Naive are great.

The new stuff is very detailed, with lots of large artistic prints. There also seems to be some vintage Wild West flavour in many of the designs, or maybe I just think that because I’ve started watching Deadwood recently. It’s strong across the board, for both guys and girls, it’s quite a big departure from their old style, but I still like it and I can’t see their fanbase having too much of a problem with the changes.

One big change that I’m sure everyone will love is the new website. It looks great, the colour pallette reflects their new style (and is rather timely in its autmnal-ness), whilst still maintaining some of the visual flair which was exhibited in previous incarnations. Their store is now run by Downtown Rivals, a switch from their previous host, Merchline. Whilst I am a fan of the uncomplicated an intuitive system provided by Merchline I must say that Downtown Rivals are providing a very slick service, marrying functionality with style (and yes, it is quite web 2.0).

To fit in with the Naive ethos, they have changed to American Apparel tees and hoodies, and I know there are some people out there that will say that there are ethical reasons for not using AA, but in my opinion they’re doing a lot of good work, and their tees are pretty dang soft. Since we all know AA costs a bit more than your average tee it’s a real surprise to see that Naive have managed to keep their prices down, hoodies are $30 and tees are $15, you can even get some sale items for the wallet pleasing price $9.

Hopefully a little present from Naive will be arriving before Christmas and I’ll be able to give you a hands-on review.

Naive Clothing (or just go straight to the store)

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